Billie Eilish's reaction to a fan impersonating her in Moscow is hilarious.

LMAO, Billie Shut Down A Fan Impersonator In Moscow On Instagram

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Billie Eilish's green space buns, long nails, and over-sized clothing sure make a fashion statement, so when one fan donned all three at once to mimic Eilish's iconic look, other fans actually believed it was Eilish herself. As expected, fans asked the impersonator for selfies thinking it was really her, and, after fans shared the photos online, Eilish eventually caught wind of them and set the record straight. Billie Eilish's reaction to a fan impersonating her in Moscow, Russia, is priceless.

Whenever there's a celebrity doppelgänger, it's so fascinating comparing the actual celebrity to the impersonator to see how much they really look alike. Since Eilish's fashion taste includes accessories that often cover her face, like sunglasses and face masks, it was pretty easy for her impersonator to make others believe she was the "Bad Guy" singer herself by wearing both. So, while Eilish was in Moscow, Russia, on Aug. 27, one fan took the opportunity to dress like her and trick other fans into thinking she was the real deal.

The day after Eilish's concert, YouTuber Jane Kravitz's revealed she was the Eilish impersonator, and detailed how she created her incredible look. Kravitz said she ordered sunglasses and a face mask that resembled Eilish's, and then dyed her hair green and got her hair and nails done to look like Eilish's, too. Get this: She also had a make-believe staff follow her around Moscow to really convince fans they were in the presence of a huge celebrity. If that's not the definition of extra, I don't know what is.

Watch Kravitz' hilarious prank below.

Now, months after the whole ordeal, Eilish finally responded. On Dec. 29, a fan shared a picture of Eilish's lookalike, and captioned it, "Billy [sic] in Moscow. Omggg I'm in shock."

Eilish shared the fan's post on her Instagram Story and clarified that it was definitely not her in the photo. "This is not me yall lmaooo," Eilish wrote, followed by a handful of face-palm emojis.

If Kravitz's stunt is still confusing fans even now, then she did a really good job with her impersonation.