Billie EIlish accepts an award onstage.

Billie Can't Stop Gushing About Adopting Her Foster Puppy On IG

Jim Dyson/Redferns/Getty Images

Billie Eilish has a furry new family member. In addition to passing her time in self-quarantine by making music, Eilish has adopted an adorable new puppy. But be forewarned, Eilish's newest family member is *almost* too cute to handle. Prepare to happy cry over Billie Eilish's Instagram about adopting her foster puppy.

Eilish's pup actually started out as a short-term foster, but the "Bad Guy" singer just couldn't resist hanging on to her new pal. Along with a photo of the adoption papers, she took to Instagram writing, "I failed at fostering teehee." Eilish initially fostered two puppies, but she made sure to find a loving home for the second one.

Eilish shared the sweet moment one of her two dogs got adopted. "This little mama also got a different forever home!! & is going to live the happiest life," Eilish wrote on her IG story. Then, she broke the big news. "As for this little nameless monkey... you are miiiiiiiiiine!!!" she said, showing the world her new pup.

The puppy is a gray pit bull and, according to his papers, he came from Angel City Pit Bulls, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles. The adorable pup seemed blissfully unaware of his newfound internet stardom.

You can see the photo of Eilish's new puppy below.

As if her puppy wasn't cute enough Eilish also shared a pic of him fast asleep.

Eilish is a strong advocate for animal adoption, especially amid the coronavirus outbreak. When she first fostered the two pitbulls, she shared an important message for fans. "If you're looking for things to do while we're all stuck at home, foster some babiieesss," she wrote at the time.

Now that Eilish is a full-time dog mom, fans can't get over her sweet pup. "Enough drama, here's an appreciation tweet for Billie Eilish and her new puppy," one fan tweeted.

"Oh to be Billie Eilish’s puppy," another fan said.

Eilish may have failed at fostering, but it was definitely a win for her sweet new pup.

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