Billie Eilish Clapped Back At Haters Who Said She Shouldn't Collab With BTS

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Billie Eilish's strong personality is just one of the reasons the pop star has garnered so much fame in recent months — besides her insane talent, obviously. The singer proved she isn't going to sit back and let her fans spew hate when she shut down their negative response to a question about a potential collaboration with BTS during an interview with NPR music at the Austin City Limits music festival on Oct. 5. Billie Eilish's clapback about collaborating with BTS is perfectly on point.

In a clip of the interview posted to Twitter, Eilishs talk of a possible collaboration with the K-Pop group was met with screams of "Yes!" but also many fans shouting "No!" — something that didn't sit well with the singer.

"Stop! Oh, my god, that is so mean," Eilish said, placing her hand over her mouth in apparent disappointment. "They're very nice, they've said some very nice things about me."

You could actually hear one supporter responded, "Exactly," indignantly when Eilish stood up for BTS, because it really was a mic drop moment (see what I did there?). Mad respect to that fan.

I'm just going to stop here for a second to praise Eilish for recognizing that it's unnecessary to be unsupportive of other artists, especially if you call yourself a fan of her and her music. Bravo, girl, for real. It takes a lot of guts to call out your own fans. Also, a quick reminder that she's only 17-years-old and already mastered how to handle an awkward situation like that.

The BTS ARMY was all about Eilish's response, too.

"Billie's really sweet for shutting them up and saying that was rude and they're really so sweet. i knew i could trust her," one Twitter user gushed.

Anyway, it's absolutely adorable that Eilish recognized BTS' nice comments about her because the group, especially Jungkook, have been outspoken about their love for her and her music.

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During a Beats 1 Radio interview in April, Jungkook named Eilish as an artist the group hopes to work with soon. Two months later, Jungkook nearly broke the internet with an epic video of himself dancing and mouthing the lyrics to Eilish's "Bad Guy." Let's revisit the clip below.

If a collab between BTS and Eilish does happen (fingers crossed) it won't be the first time the mega-popular group has teamed up with an American artist for a hit tune.

BTS debuted their song "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey off Map of the Soul: Persona earlier this year. They later wowed the crowd when they took the stage to perform it together at the 2019 BBMAs.

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"Boy With Luv" climbed to No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April, making it the highest-charting song by a K-Pop group ever on the Hot 100. The music video for the jam racked up more than 74 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours.

Halsey has since expressed her love for the band, proving that their friendship is real. She even penned a heartfelt tribute to BTS after they landed a spot on TIME magazine's 100 most influential people list of 2019.

Read some of what she wrote below:

Over the past few years, [BTS] has taken the music industry by storm... all the while remaining exemplary ambassadors for their Korean culture. But behind those three letters are seven astounding young men who believe that music is stronger than the barriers of language. It’s a universal dialect. With positive messages of self-confidence, intricacies of philosophy hidden in their sparkly songs, true synergy and brotherhood in every step of their elaborate choreography, and countless charitable and anthropological endeavors, BTS have put their 14 best feet forward as role models to millions of adoring fans and anyone else who finds themselves drawn to BTS’s undeniable allure.

Here's to hoping Eilish also gets the opportunity to experience the greatness that is a friendship with BTS... and vice versa!