Beyoncé & Jay-Z Sent Reese Witherspoon A Ton Of Champagne & The Reason Why Is Hilarious

by Daffany Chan
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon's priceless moment at the Golden Globes with Beyoncé just got even better. Two superstars shared a hilarious moment together at the 2020 awards show, and Beyoncé's post-Golden Globes gift to Reese Witherspoon was the perfect follow-up, because the singer totally hit the mark. The hilarious delivery to Witherspoon is the ultimate surprise.

The internet is buzzing about Witherspoon poppin' bottles of bubbly, and it all started when Jay-Z and Beyoncé decided to bring their own champagne to the 2020 Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 6. The couple's Armand de Brignac champagne, which is also known as Ace of Spaces, is owned by a company belonging to Jay-Z, so it made sense that they wanted to have it on hand during the ceremony. Arriving late to the awards show along with bodyguards carrying two bottles of the champagne, Jay-Z and Beyonce made the night a BYOB affair. Thankfully, their stash of booze came in handy when a nearby table filled with celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston ran out of water. Witherspoon asked Jay and Bey for some of their bubbly, and the couple came to the rescue by offering them some of their champagne.

The priceless moment quickly went viral after Aniston documented the whole thing, posting a picture on her Instagram story with the caption, "Reese?! This is one of the many reasons why I love you. We ran out of water at our table so naturally, she asked Jay-Z and Beyonce for a glass of their champagne." Witherspoon herself shared a comical meme on her Instagram with the caption, "Hide your champagne, y'all!"

It got even better when Witherspoon shared Jay-Z and Beyoncé's post-Golden Globe gift on Instagram. She explained that the couple had sent her an entire case of Ace of Spades champagne with a note that simply read, "More water," poking fun at the Golden Globes moment. Witherspoon didn't waste any time opening the gift and enjoyed a bottle of bubbly with her mother, Betty.

Instagram / @Reesewitherspoon

Witherspoon's iconic move to ask for Queen Bey's champagne during the Golden Globes may have been ballsy, but it looks like taking the situation into her own hands definitely paid off.