Beyoncé Just Debuted The BIGGEST Hair Change She's Had In A While & I'm Obsessed

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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This past weekend Beyonce debuted her first major hair color transformation in years when she was seen rocking waist-grazing dark brown locks with caramel highlights. Beyonce's new dark brown hair is the first time we've seen the star change up her signature long honey blonde locks in years and the internet has very strong opinions about it.

On Friday May 10, the singer was spotted courtside with hubby Jay-Z at the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors game where she revealed the new mane. Always one to serve a major look, Beyonce left her basketball jersey at home and instead paired her darker tresses with a black bodysuit covered in red crescent moons by France-based designer Marine Serre. The singer finished off the look with an ankle-length patent leather jacket by Dries Van Noten, black strappy heels, and a black bag also by Marine Serre dubbed the "Dream Ball Bag." What's more is that the bodysuit was complete with built-in gloves and socks.

Basically, the entire outfit was the perfect match for debuting her updated strands.

While it's not yet confirmed, the new dark hair transformation was likely done by mane master and Bey's OG longtime colorist, Rita Hazan. Hazan, who has been in charge of Bey's hair color for years, opened up to Refinery 29 in 2017 about what it's really like to do the star's hair.

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In the interview, Hazan shared with Refinery 29 that when it comes to changing Bey's hair color it's often a game time decision. "Everything is last minute," Hazan said. "We change it up frequently. She'll be lighter before I see her and then the next three weeks we'll change it again. It depends on what she's doing and what she's wearing. Whatever look she's going for, she goes to execute it fully — casual or formal."

However, even though the singer is known to change up the different shades of blonde or the amount of blonde in her look, she typically never strays away from the honey blonde color palette — that is until now. That's right, while Beyonce might request subtle changes to her blonde locks upon sitting down in Hazan's chair, this new look is the biggest hair color change we've seen in years.

The new locks that Queen B revealed on May 10 are still waist-grazing but are a shade of dark ash brown with dark caramel babylights framing the face.

Beyonce's dark brown locks are the first time we've seen the Grammy-Award winning artist rock a dark mane since the 2014 Met Gala, where she rocked ash brown strands for a brief moment just to match her look. And before that, we saw the "Drunk In Love" singer rock chocolatey brown locks in 2007.

And while both of those instances were pretty brief, for those Bey fans that are old enough to remember her during the Destiny's Child days will remember that long before she adapted long, honey blonde locks as her signature look, she used to rock a dark brown brunette look in the late '90s.

So considering the last few times that Beyonce rocked a dark mane were very short-lived moments, you'll have to keep an eye out to see if Bey chooses to go back to her signature blonde look, or will keep the darker strands around for a while.

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