Here's A Breakdown Of Beyoncé's Mind-Blowing 'Black Is King' Outfits


On Aug. 3, Beyoncé dropped her new visual album Black Is King on Disney+, and, like with everything Beyoncé does, it's everything. The full-length film is a celebration of Black beauty and history, specifically highlighting the African diaspora’s culture, traditions, and styles. The movie accompanies her 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift. While the imagery, choreography, and music are all stunning, Beyoncé’s mind-blowing Black Is King outfits are enough to make you obsessed.

“The events of 2020 have made the film’s vision and message even more relevant, as people across the world embark on a historic journey. We are all in search of safety and light. Many of us want change,” Beyoncé wrote in an Instagram caption. “I believe that when Black people tell our own stories, we can shift the axis of the world and tell our real history of generational wealth and richness of soul that are not told in our history books.”

The movie reimagines the Lion King and follows a young boy on a path to self-discovery. It spans across South Africa, West Africa, Europe, New York, and L.A., and her fashion captures the many different cultures of each. Behind every look is Beyoncé's go-to stylist Zerina Akers, who's worked with the singer for years and even styled Lemonade as well. While there's no shortage of creations from big brands like Balmain, Valentino, and Burberry, at the forefront of the fashion for this album are plethora of Black designers. Here is a breakdown of all of Beyoncé’s awe-inspiring outfits to give you a taste of the sheer fashion excellence at work here.


To start the visual album, the singer is wearing a flowing, cream-colored custom gown by Wendy Nichol. Different layers at different lengths give this piece a voluminous, almost tattered (but beautifully so) look. This isn’t Nichol’s first time working with Beyoncé; she previously designed the dress Bey wore in the “Drunk in Love” music video.

Mimicking the style of cave paintings, Beyoncé then sits atop a spotted cow in a custom, Burberry cow print mini wool skirt and matching corset top designed by the brand’s Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci.

This blood-red, roped look was created by Déviant La Vie, a brand founded by Brittany Duet and her partner Murph. The brand specializes in bondage-inspired lingerie and clothing. The piece Beyoncé wears is notably complex, with thick ropes intertwining throughout the bodice.

In this outfit, it looks like every star in the sky and then some were used to embellish Beyonce's D.Bleu.Dazzled outfit. Founder Destiny Bleu has previously worked with the star on her "Formation" Tour, as well as with other big names like Lady Gaga, Cardi B, and Dapper Dan. The brand is known for its custom crystallized lingerie and performance-wear. For Black Is King, Bleu went all out with a diamond-encrusted bodysuit that was dripping in glittering fringe skirt with even more crystals. The outfit is accented even more with a necklace by Area and shades by A-Morir.

Made with 450,000 crystals, according to Paper, this Vrettos Vrettakos dress with matching go-go boots is perfect for the pool of stars Beyoncé lies in. Talk about a celestial body.

For "FIND YOUR WAY BACK," Beyoncé didn't skimp on crystals. (Well, she didn't for any part of the video, really.) In her third outfit from this song, she is, once again, covered in sparkles, courtesy of an Alessandra Rich dress. But what really makes this look pop for me are her beautifully bedazzled eyebrows, courtesy of Area. You may even recognize this dress from the 2019 American Music awards, when Ciara wore it — though Beyoncé decided to keep the dress unlined. To top off this already mind-boggling look, Beyoncé wore a custom crystal turban created by Laurel DeWitt.

When you think of a crocheted poncho, your mind probably won’t jump to Beyoncé in this multicolored crystal poncho, but thank God it will from this moment on. This look, from the hairpiece to the earrings to the decidedly-not-your-grandmother’s crochet, were all created by Area.


In this remarkable dress and cape from Lace by Tanya, Beyoncé is entirely covered in twinkling fringe. Every one of her movements brings about a waterfall of shimmering lights, and the strands of crystals in her hair are just a cherry on top.

While you might think the clear stand-out from this 'fit is the body paint, that's not all that made the outfit. DeWitt crafted the gorgeous belt and necklaces, and the simple bra accompanying this look is a La Perla non-wired triangle bra.


As if wearing a shimmering tinsel mini dress isn’t enough, Beyoncé went with an eye-catching accessory for this look: a live snake. The massive, yellow boa constrictor, however, wasn’t enough to distract me from the singer’s gorgeous, tiered dress and boots.

The dress for the above scene was a collaboration between Deviant La Vie and Alani Taylor. The rope and lace detailing allows this dress to oscillate between a hard and soft feel. And like a couple of the other sunglasses throughout the movie, her pearl-embellished shades came from A-Morir studios.

If you’re going to have a leopard-print car, it only makes sense that you match it with a sequined, leopard-print bodysuit. And if you’re Beyoncé, you’d match your car with a custom Valentino look. For an extra regal touch, she paired it with a leopard, jacquard jacket as well.

When Beyoncé sits down to read the morning paper, she does so in a tweed robe and head wrap designed by Akers. This is one of the simpler looks, and yet somehow, one of the most statement-making, worn by the artist throughout. Still, that didn't mean Akers didn’t bling it up with plenty of rings, necklaces, and other accessories.

The sunglass with this outfit are simply everything. Made by Puppets and Puppets, the shades cut across her face in a severe way, creating a futuristic long, black line. Her dress is incredibly well-fitted but has incredibly cool structural elements sewn into it. It’s graphic, sharp, and edgy. With a gown so special, it’s easy to believe it was custom-made for Beyoncé by Kujta and Meri.

Beyoncé’s red, white, and black full matching set is another custom Burberry look. The pattern of bold words and scribbled doodles is seamlessly continued from jacket to turtleneck to pants.

This custom Alejandro Collection dress billows around Beyoncé like a wave washing over her. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the totally stupendous, oversized hat. The Jo Miller creation is made with black lace and screams luxury beach resort in the best way, flouncing perfectly with her every movement.


At what looks to be the chicest afternoon tea, Beyoncé wore a floral Erdem dress and lavender gloves, while Kelly Rowland sits across from her in a pastel gingham two-piece set.

Beyoncé looks like the epitome of vintage class in this custom Balmain Boucle suit. It’s trimmed with gold chains to taper the coziness the plush fabric gives this look.

This Solace London pink and red bathing suit is impossibly elegant and visually innovative at the same time. The pink fabric that glitters in the light and the voluminous red ruffle make this suit look like it belongs in a museum.

Queen Bey looks her most stately in this custom Alon Livné dress, with yet another unbelievable headpiece by DeWitt. The dress looks more like a sculpture than an article of clothing, and I don’t know how anyone could move while wearing that headpiece, but all things are possible through Beyoncé. The singer undoubtedly looks like a monarch.

I know I’d sleep better wrapped up in $100 bills, and Beyoncé apparently agrees with me, as she has a TV dinner wearing Duckie Confetti PJs. She looks perfectly relaxed, but who wouldn’t in a robe of Benjamins?

"ALREADY" is the first time throughout the movie that Beyoncé matches her background dancers. As they move like one organism, it becomes hard to differentiate one person from another, as they all wear Marine Serre’s Crescent Print Catsuit.

Beyoncé’s white-and-black striped jacket and bodysuit were created by Loza Maléombho, a designer born in Cote D’Ivoire. The jacket is graphic and structured with big, gold buckles as divine embellishments.

Made by Bronx-born Jerome Lamaar, this trench/dress hybrid piece is a maximalist, glamorous moment. It’s teeming with embellishments and over-the-top details, so it’s hard to even know where to look first when this dress is on screen. The asymmetrical cut adds a nice flair that offsets the skirt’s volume.

A Garvey Collections black and pink floral catsuit with Levenity’s bright yellow-and-lavender coat came together to create a bold look that worked incredibly well. While the catsuit is like a second skin, the coat extends Beyoncé’s shoulders, giving this look a more opulent feel.

Although this outfit shows up for moments throughout Black is King, it isn’t until about halfway through the movie that you can see Beyoncé’s all-red outfit in all of its glory. The coat, made up of tightly gathered tulle; bodysuit; and thigh-high boots were all custom designed by Alon Livné.

If you thought you’d never see a dress to rival the ruffled, mustard gown Beyoncé wore in the “Hold Up” music video, you'd be wrong. Made by Selam Fessahaye, this light yellow dress boasts tons of movement.

Beyoncé’s rainbow draped dress, neck muffler, headpiece, and fingerless gloves were all designed by Mia Vesper. Vesper is known for her commitment to sustainability throughout her designing process, without sacrificing a single ounce of sartorial creativity.

Mary Katrantzou’s ruffled dress is an explosion of texture and color, something the designer is well-known for. Even though Beyoncé doesn’t dance in this piece, its flounce and volume still comes through.

This is not your average Canadian tuxedo. Beyoncé basically invented jeans while wearing these 4-meter-long jeans and a silk corset made by Michaela Stark. The pants themselves take bellbottoms to an entirely new degree.

The above gown made by Keama Garrett plays on both a form-hugging fit and tons of volume and drama, courtesy of the many ruffles.

Senegal-based sustainable fashion label Adama Paris designed the yellow, off-the-shoulder dress and matching headpiece seen in the “Brown Skin Girls” music video.

In this star-studded video, Beyoncé wears a gorgeous purple Monsoori e gown. Her hair is adorned with blooming flowers that match the piece, as well.

Houndstooth is a super eye-catching print, which is probably why Tongoro Studio’s Birima dress stands pretty much alone on Beyoncé.

When you first see this voluminous Timothy White number, Beyoncé is entirely swallowed up by black tulle so that you can only see her head. In the next shot, she stands, revealing the form-fitting, velvety material making up the dress. Talk about range.

As a foil to the tulle dress, Beyoncé appears next in a lacy catsuit by Alessandra Rich. Her cowrie circlet around her head was created by Lafalaise Dion.

Molly Goddard is the queen of opulence, and this gown is the same. Its layers and layers of hot pink tulle combine for a look to end all looks.

This all-white sculptural look by Alon Livné has a swirling texture throughout it. The white is crisp and stark compared to the bursting forest around Beyoncé. The neck of the dress extends up like wings, only adding to the artist’s angelic look.

While you may remember this colorful dress as a Cardi B look, Beyoncé took the Mugler dress even further by pairing it with custom matching tights. Even more adorable, Blue Ivy got her own similar outfit, too.

This Ashi Studio feathered bodysuit took 70 hours of work, as every piece was hand embroidered and sewed. Some of the feathers even come from real exotic birds.

Bow Dress

This Balmain bow dress, while simple, makes a lasting impact. The off-the-shoulder top is draped oh-so-carefully, and the high-slit skirt just brushes the ground. While a similar dress was shown in Olivier Rousteing’s Spring 2020 collection, Bey's is slightly customized in a soft yellow.