Beyoncé Will Reportedly Release TWO More Netflix Specials, So Get Hype

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If you watched — and loved — Homecoming, the new Beyoncé documentary on Netflix, I have some good news for you. According to Variety, Bey and Netflix are have reportedly partnered up to bless the world with not one, but two more projects — all of which combined come with quite a reportedly hefty price tag. Beyoncé will reportedly release two more Netflix specials with a reported $60 million deal, so get ready for some major Bey time. Elite Daily reached out to both Netflix and Beyoncé's representatives for comment on the reported Netflix specials and deal, but didn't hear back by time of publication.

Beyoncé's recently released Homecoming was the first of the three reported specials, taking audiences behind the scenes of her two-hour 2018 Coachella performance. Homecoming showed the entire performance, gave viewers glimpses of rehearsals and what had to be done to pull off such a substantial performance, and included voiceover by Queen Bey herself. Though Beyoncé was heavily featured in Homecoming and credited as executive producer, writer, and director, the extent of her involvement in the reported upcoming two specials is unclear. According to variety, Homecoming cost around $20 million to make and Netflix's willingness to pay is ultimately what gave the streaming giant the upper hand over HBO, which was also vying for a chance to take on the project, according to Vulture. Elite Daily reached out to both Netflix and Beyoncé's representatives for comment on Beyoncé's role in the specials, but didn't hear back by time of publication.

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In typical Beyoncé fashion, the R&B queen surprised fans by also dropping a 40-track album also called Homecoming around the same time as the release of the doc. The album features 40 tracks, most of which are live songs from the performance and two bonus songs at the end called “Before I Let Go” and “I Been On.”

Many people have reacted positively to the Homecoming documentary, which totally makes sense if you've seen it and saw the countless hours of hard work Bey put into her stellar, unparalleled performance. Twitter user @Jord_yynn felt inspired by the doc and tweeted, "Imma finish this whole documentary, study, and then get up in a few hours for work and handle my business WITHOUT complaining because that’s what Beyoncé would want me to do. #BeyonceHomecoming."

People are also getting excited for the reported three project deal. Twitter user @spidrmvns commented on the deal, writing, "Beyonce signed w netflix for three projects with homecoming being the first, meaning we have two more... i could cry." Attached to the tweet is a clip of Steve Carrell's character, Michael Scott, in The Office frantically running out of his office yelling "Oh my god, okay, it's happening," which is exactly how the Beyhive feels, TBH.

Though many details are still unknown about this reported three-project deal Beyoncé has struck with Netflix, one thing's certain: Everyone I've ever met will be counting down the seconds until the next project and the one after that. For now, stay tuned for more details.