Beyoncé Addressed JAY-Z's Cheating On 'Everything Is Love' & Twitter Is Losing It

by Tina Kolokathis
Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The moment that Beyoncé and JAY-Z fans have all been waiting for is finally here, you guys. The couple released their first-ever joint album, Everything Is Love, on Saturday, June 16, and it's filled with so many hits. The couple talks about partying, money, the Grammys, and their love for their fans on the 9-song masterpiece (you can listen to it in full on Tidal). And, in the last song on the album, Beyoncé addressed JAY-Z's cheating on Everything Is Love and it's intense.

In their song called "Lovehappy," Beyoncé and JAY-Z sing together,

Happily in love, haters please forgive me, I let my wife write the will, I pray my children outlive me. I give my daughter my custom dresses, so she gon' be litty. Vintage pieces by the time she hit the city, yeah-ah. Vintage frames, I see nobody f*ckin' wit' him. Pretty thug, out the third ward, hit me. Sir asked it, like his dad's sh*t is trippy (uh-huh). Twinning, Blue and Rumi, me and Solo are winning!

Sounds perfect, right? Happily in love... all the kids get a shoutout, too. But later on in the song, Beyoncé addresses her husband's infidelity. She sings,

Yeah, you f*cked up the first stone, we had to get remarried. We keepin' it real with these people, right? Lucky I ain't kill you when I met that b.

Right after, JAY raps,

Y'all know how I met her, we broke up and got back together. To get her back, I had to sweat her.

Beyoncé comes in once more, singing,

Y'all could make up with a bag, I had to change the weather. Move the whole family West, but it's whatever. In a glass house still throwing stones. Hova, Beysus, watch the thrones.

The talk of cheating comes as no surprise to fans of the couple. Beyoncé famously alluded to her husband's cheating back in 2016 in "I'm Sorry," off the Lemonade album. "He only want me when I'm not there, he better call Becky with the good hair," Bey sang.

JAY-Z admitted to cheating on Beyoncé in a November 2017 interview for The New York Times' T Magazine. In speaking about growing up in the Brooklyn projects, JAY told Executive Editor Dean Baquet,

You have to survive. So you go into survival mode, and when you go into survival mode what happen? You shut down all emotions. So even with women, you gonna shut down emotionally, so you can't connect ... it's, it's deep. And then all the things happen from there: infidelity...

JAY also rapped about cheating on the title track of his album 4:44. He rapped,

And if my children knew, I don't even know what I would do. If they ain't look at me the same, I would probably die with all the shame. 'You did what with who?' What good is a ménage à trois when you have a soulmate? 'You risked that for Blue?'

Twitter couldn't handle "Lovehappy."

It's heavy stuff, but the couple seems to be in a much better place now. Like Bey alluded to in "Lovehappy," she and JAY renewed their vows. Footage from Beyoncé and JAY-Z's vow renewal ceremony was played during the couple's Wales show in June as part of their On The Run II tour. The video shows the couple in all white with their children dressed the same. You can even see little Sir and Rumi, and honestly, I'm sobbing at how cute it all is.

Despite their ups and downs, it seems like Bey and JAY are definitely thriving right now. This tour, this album, their beautiful kids... can it get any better?