This Colorful 'Avengers' Makeup Collection Will Be Your Own Personal Superhero

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My emotions have been all over the place these last couple of weeks waiting for the latest Avengers movie release. While I already know I'm going to be a complete mess over this movie (and while trying to avoid spoilers before I see it), the Bésame Cosmetics Avengers makeup collection is acting as my light at the end of the tunnel. Thanos may be trying to end the world, but at least all our makeup will be still prevail once the dust settles.

On Monday, April 23, beauty news Instagram account @trendmood1 posted a sneak peek at Bésame's upcoming Avengers line. While we don't know a ton on the specifics of the specifics of the launch in terms of prices and a launch date (all Bésame has hinted at is that the line is "coming soon"), @trendmood1 did give their followers a look at some of the products featured in the line. Needless to say, beauty and Marvel fans alike can rejoice when it comes to this makeup collection.

From the looks of the photos, we can expect a rainbow of six single, highly-pigmented, shimmer eyeshadows inspired by the Infinity Stones, prominent in the Marvel Universe. According to @trendmood1, however, the shadows — which seemingly come in red, copper, gold, green, blue, and purple — may come in set.

In terms of what the second product in the line actually is (which you can see in the middle picture on the bottom row of the post above), there seems to be some debate. While most signs point to these colorful products being be a lip gloss, some fans thought they might actually be rollerball fragrances. However, according to beauty blogger Vals Vanity, the product is, in fact, a set of lip glosses with a rollerball applicator. The glosses are reportedly scented and inspired by lava lamps of the '60s. The colors of the glosses mimic the colors of the Infinity Stones as well.

If you're unfamiliar with the Infinity Stones or the Marvel Universe, don't worry, I have you covered. (No spoilers necessary.) Essentially, the Infinity Stones are known in Marvel as a set of six stones relating to different aspects of the Marvel universe, according to GamesRadar. There's the green Time Stone, the blue Space Stone, the yellow Mind Stone, the red Reality Stone, the purple Power Stone, and the orange Soul Stone. Can you say nerd, but make it fashion (well, beauty)?

This isn't the first time that the Marvel Universe and the beauty universe have crossed paths. Bésame Cosmetics recently launched a 1940s-, retro-inspired makeup collection, called the Agent Carter: 1946 Collection. The Bésame x Agent Carter Collection referenced the Agent Carter television series, which follows secret agent Peggy Carter in 1946 in the Marvel Universe and was inspired by Captain America. The collection featured a passport eyeshadow palette, a bright red lipstick, and a translucent powder.

It seems like Bésame isn't the only brand jumping on the Avengers hype, either. Her Universe also released an Avengers-inspired eyeshadow palette, which also directly references the Infinity Stones and the rest of the Marvel Universe.

So, while the whole world is gearing up for the release of Marvel's new Avengers: Infinity War movie, the beauty obsessed can join in with twice the excitement. Marvel is known to drop some of the best merchandise out there, but from the looks of it, Bésame Cosmetics' Avengers collection is more iconic than the Avengers themselves. In the meantime, I'll just be praying I can get my hands on this collection before it sells out... and that I won't be crying too loudly in the movie theater when Infinity War comes out.