Bella Swan's House From 'Twilight' Is Officially On The Market In Oregon

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Admit it, you were a total Twihard in middle school. After falling in love with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books during your angst-ridden tween years, your high school experiences definitely became shrines to the release of the Twilight movies. So much about this franchise — Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's real-life relationship, Taylor Lautner's general existence — seems like a fever dream now, but if you want to live out your preteen fantasies, you're in luck. Bella Swan's house from Twilight is officially on the market, but anyone interested probably should have started saving their pennies back in junior high.

According to E! News, the Oregon home used in all five of the Twilight films as Bella's house has been listed for $349,900. Before being swept up in her interest with the Cullen family and their lives as vampires in Twilight, 17-year-old Bella moved into the home, where her police chief dad Charlie was already living. The house was slightly redesigned when Hollywood came calling, but the owners kept the design team's changes, making the property easily recognizable to fans passing through the neighborhood. After Cascade Sotheby's International announced that the house was on sale, the company posted a feature in which the homeowners discussed their involvement with Twilight filmmakers.

The home was pegged as a frontrunner in the crew's location search after Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke spotted it in 2007 and decided she liked the look of it, as one of the owners said:

While sitting down with a bowl of chicken soup for dinner there was a knock on the door. The man at the door said he was a location scout for a movie company. He said the director really liked the house and was wondering if he could shoot some photos of it. After that I had many visits from the production staff.

The home's full real estate listing doesn't shy away from the house's past, admitting right away that it's known as "Bella's house." In other words, you better get used to strangers standing in front of your home and taking pictures of it on a regular basis. The description also mentions the home's hardwood floors and dining room cabinets, and for a property built in 1935, the photos of it on the listing's page are definitely flattering. Charlie Swan kept his home in good shape!

Homeowner Dean Koenig also spoke about the overwhelming experience of seeing his home captured onscreen, telling the real estate company, "To see a picture of the very house you’re sitting in, followed by an image of the very room you’re in, is a sensation that very few will ever know."

While the movies' setting of Forks, Washington, is a real place that still attracts attention from fans, Bella's house is in St. Helens, Oregon, where Twilight also reportedly featured the local high school and the Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Unlike Drake & Josh star Drake Bell noting the demolition of the house used for exterior shots of the characters' home, it doesn't look like any Twilight stars are feeling nostalgic now that Bella's house is in the news again. However, the sentiment is definitely there for fans.

I probably won't end up in St. Helens to check out the house, but whoever ends up with this home better have a Twilight fangirl in their family to fully appreciate the house's Hollywood past. Watch out for any vampires, prospective buyers!