Bella Hadid Showed The Weeknd So Much Birthday Love With These Sweet Instagram Posts

by Collette Reitz
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the best parts about someone you love celebrating a birthday is that it gives you an opportunity to celebrate them to the fullest. Mushy love notes? Totally acceptable. Rooms filled with balloons? Yes, please. Of course, in 2019, there is no way you can properly celebrate a birthday without posting about it on social media. On Saturday, Feb. 16, Bella Hadid's birthday tribute to The Weeknd was a compilation of not one, but *three* Instagram posts. TBH, it could probably be filed under the definition of #RelationshipGoals.

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, turned 29 years old on Saturday, Feb. 16, and all 22.7 million of Bella Hadid's followers got a good look at how the 22-year-old model led the charge for all the birthday fun. It actually all started the night before, on Friday, Feb. 15, when Hadid posted a late night photo of The Weeknd and herself to Instagram, wearing matching camo get-ups.

Tesfaye sported a straight-legged camo-printed pant, a black shirt, and a camo jacket, while Hadid — being the supermodel she is — upped the ante by rocking high-heeled boots, knee-high see-through socks, an olive miniskirt, a camo crop top, and a camo oversized jacket. To say they were rocking some major matching birthday style is an understatement. They look beyond cute together, though, so match away, my friends. Hadid captioned the shot:

1 minute til my favorite day of the year.... @theweeknd

Once the clock turned "birthday" on Saturday, Hadid kept the twinning posts going. Clad in the same camo-printed 'fits they were rocking in Friday's post, Hadid shared a cuddlier look as to how she was celebrating with the birthday boy. With her left arm tucked under The Weeknd's right arm and her head leaning on his shoulder, the pair posed for the photo that was captioned:


I don't want to say I can read minds, but I bet that pretty much anyone could guess what the next post read. Yep, if you guessed that Hadid rounded out the trio of birthday tributes with, "BIRTHDAY BABY🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤," you guessed right! OK, I must admit that I didn't guess the "baby" part of that, but shame on me, because I should have known Hadid would take the opportunity to make The Weeknd feel special AF on his big day with a sweet moniker.

Pretty cute, right? That's not all, though, folks. The Weeknd and Hadid did some actual celebrating beyond striking a pose for the 'Gram. According to E! Online, The Weeknd's birthday bash went down at TAO Downtown nightclub in New York City, and the aesthetic was apparently "abandoned, jungle military base." Ooh, the camo was for a theme! (I think I love these pics even more now, because who doesn't love a theme?)

Hadid even shared some vids from the party on her IG Story. You can check out a couple screenshots from all the party goodness below.

Bella Hadid/Instagram
Bella Hadid/Instagram

These two sure know how to have a good time and how to celebrate a birthday. The Weeknd also shared a sweet birthday post to Hadid when she celebrated her birthday back on Oct. 9, calling her "angel."

Since getting back together in early 2018 after a previous split, it looks like these two are back and stronger then ever. I mean, the couple that matches (and slays) together, stays together.