Here's What Becca & Garrett's Life Looks Like One Year After 'The Bachelorette'


It's been roughly a year since The Bachelorette's Becca Kufrin found her happily ever after. And it turns out, Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen's Relationship after The Bachelorette has been going well. As an on-again, off-again watcher of the show, I always find myself wondering what it's like for a reality TV couple to transition back into real life after such a surreal experience. It's particularly interesting with a franchise like The Bachelor, where every date is over-the-top decadent and the romance is always on full blast. After all, jet-setting around the globe with a new love and having a lazy Sunday with a long-term partner is quite the contrast.

Fortunately for the two lovebirds, it sounds like their new life in Southern California has been coasting along nicely. According to Kufrin, she's really enjoyed settling into their lives together, even though it took a bit of getting used to. "It's my first time I've ever lived with a guy, so it's been an adjustment," Kufrin told E! News. "I was used to living on my own, so now it's coordinating our schedules and our ways of living but it's been so fun."

If you're wondering what a normal day for the couple looks like, Kufrin confirms what most of us already knew: Locking down a bae who knows their way around the kitchen is never a bad idea. "I would say our new normal when we're at home is... Garrett loves to cook, so usually we'll have a nice dinner with wine and then we'll go to the hot tub and sit in the spa and watch the sun go down," said Kufrin. "His brother and sister-in-law live like 10 minutes from us, so they come over. We always have game night."

Kufrin also put Yrigoyen on blast for all of the laughter he brings to her life. "One of my favorite things about him is his sense of humor," said Kufrin. "He can find the funny in everything. He keeps me laughing and smiling, and that's really important. He doesn't take life too seriously. When I'm down, he always lifts me up."

Naturally, everyone is eager to know when the duo plans on officially tying the knot. Kufrin revealed that although they've loosely discussed some details, they really want to take their time and enjoy the process. "That's the number one question," said Kufrin. "No date, no venue. All we know is we talked about having food trucks and a bunch of games. That's all we have set so far but nothing beyond that. I want to be able to enjoy the entire wedding planning process. I love to plan and coordinate and pick out unique details, so whenever that finally happens, I want to make sure everything is perfect for us."

After such a quick engagement, it's great to see that these two are in no rush to the altar. Instead, it seems like they're enjoying living together and building a life. So, fans will just have to stay tuned to see how things between them develop.