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Bebe Rexha's Relationship Status Is Really Hard To Pin Down

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After a serious breakup, it can be hard to get back into the dating scene. Even the toughest of women need time to bounce back from a bad breakup, celebrities included. Bebe Rexha sings about love all the time, but that doesn't mean she's always had an easy time with it. Just like the rest of us, love has been a rollercoaster for the pop singer. So, given that, it's understandable Bebe Rexha's relationship status tends to stay under wraps.

While Rexha doesn't often talk about who she's currently dating, she's an open book about past relationships.

In February 2017, Rexha revealed she'd been single since 2015. "I haven’t had a boyfriend since. I’m an old school romantic," she told Kiss FM. "I don’t like to just like throw my heart around. When I got my heart broken by my ex, I was bitter. So, then, I wrote the first part of this album."

In the same interview, Rexha revealed she was blocked by her ex. (Relatable, to some.) She got honest about the aftermath of their split. ''I'm thinking about him right now, but he blocked me recently. I went to go look at his Instagram," she revealed. ''I'm not saying that I'm sitting on my phone all day like, 'Oh let me look at this guy who broke my heart'. Once every four months, just to see if he got a new girl or something.''

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In April 2019, Rexha reaffirmed her single status to Nylon, adding that she thinks her personality intimidates men.

"I think I scare men," she told the magazine. "I feel like everyone's scared of me, guys and girls... Because I like to say things, and they're scared I'm going to say something about them. Sometimes I get nervous, and I say stupid things. I'll come off really hard. Guys especially, they can't handle me. I break every guy."


While some are sheepish about their status as a single woman, Rexha isn't afraid to have some fun with it.

In July 2019, Rexha pranked her fans into thinking she had tied the knot by rocking a gorgeous wedding dress in an Instagram photo. "Best Day Of My Life 🖤 💍 I’ve had to keep this super private. But more photos/videos to come! Love you all!," she captioned the pic.

As it turned out, the dress was actually for her "Harder" music video, and was not the real deal.

As silly as she can be, Rexha can also be very serious about what she wants out of a romantic relationship. Apparently, she's far from traditional.

"Guys try to take me on dates, and I don't do dates. I don't like being so intimate with people watching," she explained. "I'm the person [who] when I go to a restaurant and someone's on a date... oh my god! I'm the biggest eavesdropper! I start giving everyone at my table the head's up, like, 'They don't like each other, she went into the bathroom,'" she told Nylon.

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As far as fans can tell, Rexha isn't dating anyone in 2020. However, that could just mean she's an expert at keeping her personal life private. If she is dating anyone, I'm honestly impressed at how well she's hidden it. Regardless, it looks like Rexha has been putting her music first in recent years, since it's her biggest love of all.