Grey's Anatomy

Emergency! Beanie Feldstein Is On 'Grey's Anatomy' & My Heart Can't Take It

by Ani Bundel

For Grey's Anatomy, it seems that as long as one main character stays for the world to revolve around, the remainder of the cast can come and go. This fact can sometimes be a bummer (bye, Karev), but it can also be a blessing, which is the case for the show's recent addition to its cast. Beanie Feldstein's appearance on Grey's Anatomy may be surprising to some, but she's already looking right at home at Grey Sloan Memorial.

This isn't Feldstein's first TV role. She's done smaller turns on Orange Is The New Black and Will & Grace, and held a recurring role in 2019's What We Do in the Shadows. But most fans will be most familiar with her from the big screen, with her crowd-pleasing roles in Lady Bird and Booksmart.

Her entry into Shondaland's longest-running series will be at the bottom of the totem pole, as she apparently plays one of the endless new interns that come and go at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Her character's name is Tess Desmond, and according to a preview of the Feb. 27 episode, "Snowblind," she's the kind of ambitious newbie who might end up going places.

Check out the sneak peek clip:

Tess Desmond certainly makes a good impression on Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) in their first meeting, telling him:

I just don’t get it. Those residents, they work their butts off, they go into a mountain of debt all for a chance at the greatest job on the planet, and they treat it like it’s retail.

Buttering the boss up, or a sincere statement indicating Dr. Desmond isn't going to be like those other interns? Honestly, with that level of ambition, does it matter?

The addition of Feldstein to the cast is a case of one big name replacing another. Last month, Justin Chambers, who started on the show as intern Dr. Alex Karev, finally exited the program after a 16-year run that saw him rise to the head of surgery. There's no telling whether Feldstein's Dr. Desmond will last that long or rise that high, but the character sure seems determined to try.