Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Is On RN, But There's A Catch

Bath & Body Works

Every time the seasons change I have an urge to introduce an array of new scents into my life. New perfume, new shower gel, new candles — it seems like an appropriate way to celebrate a fresh time of the year. Bath & Body Works' Semi-Annual Sale 2019 therefore couldn't have come at a better time, seeing as it's offering huge savings on everything from body care to home fragrance just in time for summer. Hand soaps, aromatherapy, lotions, body mists, shower gels, candles — it's all fair game, so if surprising your senses via brown sugar and fig body cream or a coconut candle sounds enticing to you, this is a sale you won't want to miss.

You'll be able to score up to a whopping 75% off of the aforementioned items, but you should know that there's a catch. The sale will only last as long as supplies do, so you'd better head to or your nearest location ASAP to ensure you don't miss it. If you just replenished your bathroom cabinets, fear not — the sale will happen again in January, so mark your calendar now! While I highly suggest perusing the sale items on your own in order to see the spectrum of scented items it includes, I picked out seven items that would start anyone's summer off on the right whiff below.

Dream Vacation

Even if you can't actually take beach vacation this summer, this lotion will transport you to a sandy beach on a tropical island far, far away. Featuring a blend of coconut, pink passionflower, saltwater breeze, fresh bamboo, and sun-bleached woods, it's basically a vacation in a scent.

Chill Out

Feeling stressed? This body wash combines Hawaiian sandalwood oil and eucalyptus oil to result in a scent that will calm and relax.

Orange Crush

Mango and mandarin orange are two scents that scream summer to me, so to have them combined into one refreshing body mist is a total dream. With notes of nectarine blossom also layered in, it's the perfect go-to fragrance when you want to give off delicious fruity vibes.

Light My Fire

If you'v never smelled Bath & Body Works' eucalyptus spearmint fragrance, you've seriously been missing out. It's refreshing to the point of being addicting — take it from someone who's been shopping it for the past 10 years. This candle will transform any room it's in into your favorite space, so choose its location wisely.

Squeaky Clean

This micellar body wash will ensure your skin gets a gentle deep clean and boasts a scent of coconut water, freesia, lily, apple, and driftwood.

Get Pumped

Don't skimp on your hand soap! This one is meant to smell like the beaches of Fiji thanks to its blend of white sands, vanilla orchid, and warm amber. Take me there, please.

Tea Time

Natural tea oil renders this lotion a hydrating standout, only to be made even better by the notes of white ginger and wild blackberry it also features.