Excuse Me, I Would Like Every Single Thing In's New Plus-Size Line, Thank You

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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If you're looking for a new place to shop cute and comfortable clothes with an inclusive size range, then look no further, as's plus-size collection is now available on the brand's site. The lifestyle retailer that encourages nothing but self-love, positivity, joy, and living a life full of color recently announced that they would be launching their first in-house capsule collection with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL and 00 to 24.

The collection is available right now on's site and features five pieces that are sure to become staples in your wardrobe. The offerings include two jumpsuits, two pinafore skirts, and one wrap skirt that are all priced below $100. And the best part? Each design includes pockets.

While considers this to be a capsule collection, that doesn't mean that this will be a limited edition line. In fact, the brand's new plus-size offerings mark the beginning of a long-term effort to expand's size offerings, per Bustle.

The new collection has arrived after spent the last two years working directly with customers to create and perfect the newly-launched designs, according to Bustle. Over the past two years, the brand surveyed, researched, and held fittings for real consumers sizes 00 to 24 in order to receive feedback and tweak the fit of the selected pieces.

For a closer look at's new offerings, read on to see what the new plus-size range is all about. Black Jumpsuit's new jumpsuit comes in both pink and black and is designed to be customizable to fit to your liking. The jumpsuit has a keyhole back that clasps at the neckline, pockets, and a long belt that can be tied a variety of different ways to fit you comfortably. Pink Jumpsuit

The same as the above black jumpsuit, this pink version has spring written all over it. Pinafore Black Skirt

Like the jumpsuit,'s pinafore skirts come in light pink and black, have pockets, and are designed to be extremely customizable to fit different body types. The skirt's waistband is elastic but lays flat across the front, while the straps can be worn straight or crisscrossed and have extra buttonholes so you can adjust the length of the straps.

What's more is that you can pair the skirt with some of's other designs like the Daisies Tee shown here ($38,, which goes up to size 4XL. Pinafore Pink Skirt

Pink for spring? Groundbreaking — and still so damn cute. Wrap Skirt

The wrap skirt is a true wrap skirt that has the ability to be adjusted to fit your own personal style. The skirt comes with a long belt that you can tie around the front, back, or side of the dress with belt loops to keep it in place. And once again, this stunner also has pockets.

As mentioned, this capsule plus-size collection is just the first stepping stone of many that is taking in order to ensure a more inclusive size range. "This collection is the first step in a series of many towards our vision to offer a wider variety of sizing through all of our garments so that every woman can feel great wearing," Ali Labelle, Creative Director of Art and Design at, told Bustle.

So if you're into these five pieces and can't wait to get your hands on similar inclusive designs, then keep an eye on's website to see what else the brand will have to offer in the near future.