Baked By Melissa's Adorable Mother's Day Cupcakes Are Some Yum For Your Mum

Courtesy of Baked by Melissa

Instead of buying your mom a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day, why not buy her a package of cupcakes? I'm not just referring to any cupcakes, though. I'm talking about Baked by Melissa's miniature cupcakes, which come in a variety of different flavors and designs. If you're familiar with the brand, then you probably know that the company releases limited-edition cupcake packs for different holidays and occasions. As you could imagine, Baked by Melissa's Mother's Day 2019 cupcake collection is just as adorable (and delicious) as the others. If your mom has a sweet tooth, I'm sure she'd choose them over a rose delivery — but that's just my opinion.

If you have your heart set on buying your mother flowers for the big day, though, don't fret. Baked by Melissa's Mother's Day package is covered in groovy flowers that'll outside any bouquet that arrives at the door. Plus, the holiday packages have cute sayings on them (like "Best Mom Ever"), so she'll get a psychedelic design, a loving note, and a variety of yummy flavors all in one present.

Speaking of flavors, let's get into details about the actual cupcakes in Baked By Melissa's Mother's Day collection. Once you hear about the limited-edition options, you'll be ordering your mother a package of 'em ASAP. Heck, you might even want to order some for yourself (I don't blame you).

Courtesy of Baked by Melissa

According to an email from Baked by Melissa, each Mother's Day cupcake package comes with a handful of limited-edition cupcake flavors. Some of those options include Vanilla & Sprinkles (simple and delicious), Strawberry Milkshake (YUM), Classic S'Mores (perfect for summer), and Electric Tie-Dye (a fan favorite). However, those aren't the only flavors that come inside the company's Mother's Day packs.

Baked by Melissa went into detail about a few more flavors that come inside the Mother's Day packages, and they sound extra delicious. One of those flavors is Sugar Cookie, which is a purple vanilla cupcake with sugar cookie icing on top. Another cupcake in the Mother's Day collection is called the Chocolate Blackout Cake, and it's perfect for chocolate lovers. Sure, its name is a *bit* intimidating, but the actual cupcake sounds irresistible. Per Baked by Melissa, the Chocolate Blackout Cake is literally "stuffed with salty dark chocolate ganache" and topped off with sprinkles and mini chocolate chips.

That, my friends, would be my favorite out of the bunch. (FYI, I'm a total sucker for salty-and-sweet desserts.) This isn't about me, though; it's about your mom, so order a pack of cupcakes and find out which ones she'd like the most.

Courtesy of Baked by Melissa

If you're hoping to buy a pack (or two) in time for Mother's Day, bookmark Baked By Melissa's website. According to the company, the Mother's Day delicacies will be available at all 14 retail locations and online from April 23 to May 18. Once they're available, you'll be able to choose from an assortment of options with different amounts of cupcakes. Some of those include the "Best Mother Ever" 25-pack for $28 and the "Flower Child" bundle for $24.

Whether you opt for a bouquet of roses or a Mother's Day pack of cupcakes, I'm sure your mom will appreciate it. Heck, maybe she'll even share the cupcakes with you.