'Bachelor In Paradise' Will Show Ashley & Jared's Engagement & I Already Have Chills

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thank goodness for the surprise engagement of Bachelor in Paradise alums Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti, because it looks like the announcement expedited the reveal of Bachelor in Paradise's premiere date. Season 5 of the summer series will air on Tuesday, Aug. 7, but ABC is still keeping the identities of the cast under wraps. However, fans do know about at least one major event the season has in store (well, two if you count the inevitable Tia Booth and Colton Underwood drama). Bachelor in Paradise will show Ashley and Jared's engagement, and I'm so ready. Forget getting emotional about couples who've known each other for two weeks — I'm only here for Ashley and Jared's Nicholas Sparks-esque fairy tale.

Jared proposed to Ashley last weekend while the two were filming a cameo for Paradise in Mexico. The sudden news comes after Ashley and Jared publicly revealed their relationship in a May episode of Ashley's online series The Story of Us. So, for those of you keeping track, a proposal came along in lightning speed compared to how long it took the couple, who met on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, to get together. Well, to each their own.

While the pair is under "strict orders" not to reveal too much about the actual proposal, Ashley and Jared spilled what they could to Entertainment Tonight about the special moment and their wedding plans. Seeing as Ashley sobbed her way through many Bachelor franchise appearances, tears obviously played a part in the proposal, and Ashley told ET:

Of course there were tears! That's kind of a dead giveaway.

Neither Ashley nor Jared have posted their own photos from the proposal, but it looks like ABC flew out fellow Paradise couples Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert and Evan Bass and Carly Waddell to celebrate with the happy couple. Ashley shared an updated version of a photo the three pairs took a year and a half ago, before she and Jared were dating and the other Paradise alums had their adorable babies. It's the Circle of Life in action!

Jared took a different route on social media, posting a photo of himself and Ashley kissing on the beach. Next to it, he wrote, "Love works in mysterious ways." AKA the eternal slogan for any Bachelor Nation show.

The couple also revealed to ET that Ashley isn't allowed to wear her engagement ring in public yet, so she's totally living out her Bachelorette fantasy right now. Although they took a quick path to engagement, Jared mentioned that now was the time to take things show, saying:

There hasn't been a difference in our relationship which is pretty cool but you know, I just fall in love with her more and more every day. We just got engaged so I think we're just soaking that in right now and really enjoying our time together.

So when's the big day? The two hinted that they may get married next year, but thanks to copious amounts of Say Yes to the Dress, Ashley is "pretty set on a princess dress." Jared is even realizing what millions of women nationwide already know: TLC's wedding shows are a godsend. He told ET:

We'll watch Say Yes to the Dress and I'm like, 'Ugh, I have to watch this show.' And then 20 minutes in I'm like, 'Why is she picking this dress?? What is going on!' It's amazing how invested I get in it. And then I'm like 'Ugh, I'll never watch it again! Ooh new episode!'

Until ABC finally reveals the new contestants hitting Paradise this summer, I'm seeing this engagement news as the show's brief relief from the seemingly unavoidable Tia-Colton overload. Let's hope that seeing this moment between Ashley and Jared won't be the only heartwarming highlight of Season 5.

Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres on Tuesday, Aug. 7, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.