Bachelor' Arie & Lauren B. Just Bought Their First House Together, So It's Getting Real

by Hollee Actman Becker

Arie Luyendyk Jr. may have a hard time making up his mind when it comes to women, but not so much when it comes to real estate. According to Us Weekly, the reality star has just made a big commitment with his fiancée, Lauren Burnham. Bachelor' Arie and Lauren bought a house, you guys! So, I guess things are really getting serious.

Just to recap, Arie proposed to Lauren during The Bachelor: After the Final Rose on March 6, after first dumping her during the final episode of The Bachelor and instead proposing to Becca Kufrin. But despite all the backlash over the race car driver later calling an audible, it looks like things are moving pretty quickly for the pair. Not only are they busy planning their wedding and currently in talks with ABC to televise the whole thing, but they have just purchased a 2,607 square-feet home in Phoenix, Arizona, after reportedly looking at around 70 different properties. Um, that's a lot of legwork, guys! I'm hoping Arie and Lauren actually checked out some of those babies online. Because seriously, who has the time to tour 70 freaking houses in person? And more importantly, who would want to?

"Buying a house is obviously another huge step in our relationship and we are excited to really make this our home," Arie told Us Weekly, adding that the couple first made an offer on a remodel, but after Lauren got overwhelmed by all the work it needed, they decided to find something brand new instead. "It was built this year and we can’t wait to move in!"

So much for a home remodeling spinoff!

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the couple traipsed through 70 potential properties and pulled their offer on the first option, they said it was actually pretty easy to settle on their final pick, since they both have similar taste.

"From the minute I walked into this house, I had a good feeling," Ari said. And Lauren fell in love with the fact that there is plenty of room for their pups, Dallas and Bastain.

“Our dogs are very excited," she told Us. "They are each going to have their own room … I mean it does have four bedrooms. And, a big backyard to run around in, too."

Gotta love that sunny Arizona weather! Lauren moved to Phoenix from Virginia Beach to be with Arie after the show, and she even started real estate school so the two could eventually work together.

"Arizona has been a really easy adjustment for me as I’ve moved around my whole life," she explained. "It has been fun exploring the area and Arie is a really good tour guide, so that helps."

As far as a televised wedding goes, a source told E! News the couple is excited to make it official on the small screen, and that it will probably happen before the end of the year, if not sooner. "They are still waiting to get confirmation from ABC for the TV special, and are heavily pushing for this," the source explained. "They want everything to happen quickly and show the world how real their love is."

TBH, I'm still not totally over Arie's flip-flop decision, so I'm not sure if I'd tune in for a wedding spinoff special. BAHAHA, who am I kidding? I may not be a huge shipper of these two as a couple, but I have to admit I'd probably hate-watch their walk down the aisle anyway.

Sorry guys, but I've invested way too much time into Arie's journey to call it quits now!