Baby Yoda Beauty Products Might Be On The Way & I Refuse To Use Anything Else

by Kelsi Zimmerman

I'm not very fluent in Star Wars or The Mandalorian, but I am very fluent in memes, and I can't stop looking at the Baby Yoda ones that pop up on my feed. If you're in the same boat as I am and you share every one you come across, you'll be excited to hear that Baby Yoda beauty products might be on the way. And it's not just beauty products, but tons of other merch, too.

A Disney-themed blog, Inside the Magic, recently pointed out that Lucasfilm, a subsidiary of Disney and the production company that produced all Star Wars films, submitted a whopping 28 trademark applications for all things Baby Yoda. The applications were filed under "The Child" and "The Mandalorian Child" (aka Baby Yoda) and cover a wide range of merch, like clothing, kitchenware, and cosmetics. And while some Baby Yoda merchandise has already dropped on the official Star Wars website, I'm patiently waiting for a Baby Yoda cosmetics launch.

A cosmetics trademark application covers multiple things like makeup, fragrances, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and body and skincare items. Out of all of the products that could come out of these trademarks, I just hope Lucasfilm develops a skincare product to make me look as young as Baby Yoda (who is 50 years old, BTW).


In addition to my own personal want for an anti-aging product that'll give me before-and-after results similar to Star Wars' Yoda versus The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda, I also hope to see a ton of Baby Yoda-themed makeup. Think: eyeshadow palettes with shades like "Baby Yoda's Complexion," a pastel green matte; "The Child's Eyes," a black velvet; and "Cute Little Cloak," a beige matte. Or, how about sets of Baby Yoda faux eyelashes to play on the fact that he doesn't actually have any? Before I get ahead of myself, I should clarify that trademark applications don't necessarily guarantee products will be made, but rather serve as a "just in case," so that no one else can use a specific name or likeness.


Regardless, as you can tell, these trademark applications have me so excited for all of the adorable Baby Yoda cosmetics that could be. Fingers crossed Disney takes all Baby Yoda-obsessed beauty lovers into consideration and drops The Child makeup collection ASAP.