These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & Their Energy Will Be Magnetic

We're coming away from a mystical full moon in Pisces that flushed our world with magic and unleashed spiritual goodness. Now, with practical and organizing Virgo season providing the light, our lunar cycle is de-escalating through the waning phase, reaching an important moment through a last quarter moon in airy and dual-sided Gemini. Since Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury — the planet of communication, analysis, and expression — the energy surging through the air this week will bring order to the chaos of your mind and help you delve through replenishing introspection. The universe will be positively mercurial, my astro warriors, and that is reason enough to say that as of Aug. 27, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Virgo, and Libra. And, if any of these zodiac signs happen to be your rising sign, you're in for an even better treat.

After all, this is also the week we can all officially wave goodbye to an annoyingly frustrating Mars retrograde in Capricorn. Reigniting the fire that it was attempting to extinguish, this week is about getting reacquainted with your vigor and motivation, because there's no way you won't notice the energy boost. Let it provide you with everything you need as Virgo season brings clarity to your world.

Gemini: You Will Feel In Touch With Your Communication Skills

For the past few weeks, Mercury retrograde has been obscuring your thoughts with a haze of confusion. And now that retrograde is ancient history. This week, you'll appreciate the open avenues of clarity that the cosmos are bringing you.

With a last quarter moon in Gemini reflecting light from the sun in fellow-mercurial Virgo, you're connected to your perspective and you're fully aware of the way your mind is functioning. With this lunation clearing your head and breaking down your mental barriers, this week is all about finding your freedom. However, it's also about structuring that freedom through the lens of practical and pragmatic Virgo. After all, what's better than a free-spirited Gemini who also feels totally and completely confident about what they're doing?

Virgo: You Can Achieve All That You Set Out To Achieve

The sun is in your first house, taking you through the wild ride that is your solar return. Birthday fun aside, this is also a period of immense personal achievement and returning to your most raw authenticity. The energy in the air is reflecting your natural talents, and right now, the world is in need of your analytical, organizational, and quick-witted mind. If you've ever doubted yourself, now is the time to find your confidence once again and accomplish everything that you've been dying to accomplish.

The last quarter moon in Gemini — your Mercury-ruled companion sign — is only turbo-charging your hunger for success. Occurring in your 10th house of career and success, it's clear that the cosmos want to reward your hard work with inner and outer recognition. Don't waste any time, Virgo.

Libra: You Have Access To All Your Romantic Superpowers

You're a naturally suave, charming, and romantic zodiac sign. When Venus, your ruling planet, also happens to be in Libra, you better bet that your social and aesthetic talents are alive for the world to see. You're a ridiculously attractive person to everyone who has the pleasure of being in your presence, so this is a perfect week to make new friends or ask out your crush.

However, since the sun is in your 12th house of the unconscious, it's also the perfect week to realign your chakras with some meditation and spiritual cleansing. And, as the last quarter Gemini moon takes you for a spin in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, who knows there your imagination will take you? Is love on the horizon? Is an intense personal happiness blossoming within? The possibilities are not only endless, they're rife with fortunate energy.