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These Zodiac Signs Will Go Deep Into Their Feels The Week Of August 10


There's nothing fun about being told your zodiac sign is in for a difficult time. However, life has the tendency to throw curveballs at you, and even the best laid plans can get all kinds of screwed up. Astrology translates those curveballs and screwed up plans into something that makes sense; it gives meaning to the random inconveniences and darker shades of life. Even though you might feel defensive if you're one of the zodiac sign's who will have the worst week of August 10, 2020, it's nowhere near as dramatic as it sounds. It's the universe's way of simply letting you know in case things run amuck, you have astrology to blame for it.

Mars — planet of angst, aggression, and combat — has been in competitive, impulsive, and fearless Aries since June 27. You may have already noticed things have become more intense since then, as though people are more willing to pop off, argue, and express their frustrations. Even though this transit is incredibly motivating (after all, Aries doesn't go down without a fight), it can feel somewhat uncontrollable.

And unfortunately, that uncontrollable energy is bound to increase this week. Messenger Mercury forms a square with unpredictable and independent Uranus on Aug. 10, pushing you to try something different and create change. Even though it can be exciting to shake things up, these changes may not be so well thought out. By Aug. 13, Mars will then form a square with controlling and secretive Pluto, encouraging you to listen to your darkest and most devious instincts. But not every means to an end is worth sacrificing your integrity.

Luckily, these zodiac signs can still harness this energy for something empowering. Here's how:


Taurus: Your Mind May Be Drifting To Some Dark Places

Your subconscious is revving with power, Taurus. You have a whole secret world that contains multitudes. However, you may be avoiding searching inside yourself for your deepest power. That's probably because your deepest power is associated with memories of discomfort or shame. This week, you may feel as though you can't help but relive some of these memories. Instead of wallowing in them, recognize all you've learned from having experienced them. Chances are, you've gained so much strength and inherited so much talent from having built all that character. Acknowledge your resilience, Taurus.

Virgo: You Might Feel As Though You've Lost Control

You're not a bad person for having bad instincts, Virgo. Every single person has a negative or destructive thought every now and then. It's normal to experience the desire to do something you know is the wrong thing to do. This week, make sure you give yourself time to breathe before taking action. It may feel even more difficult to make the right decision in the middle of a heated moment. You may realize giving yourself a moment to scream, shout, vent, or cry will help you release all you're feeling. It will give you the chance to make a choice that serves your highest self.

Capricorn: Your Emotions May Be Difficult To Avoid Or Ignore

You have the tendency to be stoic, Capricorn. You much prefer to suck it up and stand strong whenever you're feeling down. You like to see yourself as a shoulder others can lean on rather than someone who needs a shoulder to lean on. This week, you should give yourself a break. Underneath all those layers of armor is a vulnerable, sensitive, and highly sentimental person who needs to be comforted and needs to be understood. However, no one will be able to reach that part of you under all that armor. Let down your guard with someone you trust.