Here's Why Astrid & Kevin From 'BIP' Postponed Their Wedding Till 2021

Richard Lautens/Toronto Star/Getty Images

Like so many other couples who were planning to get hitched in 2020, Bachelor in Paradise's Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch postponed their wedding to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and TBH, I probably should have seen this coming. On July 23, Loch took to Instagram to give fans an update on their wedding plans, explaining they'd decided to push their big day back to next November. "With everything going on in the world, uncertainty ahead, and so many changes happening in our lives (more on that soon) we realized it was time to take a step back and reevaluate our priorities," Loch said in a lengthy caption. Um, can I hear more about these "many changes," please?

Luckily, these two are looking on the bright side. "And as much as I was disappointed at first ... it's been a great reminder of why we're getting married in the first place," she added. "I wouldn't want to tackle 2020 & the rest of life with anyone else by my side." Aww. The BiP alum also offered support to her fellow brides-to-be who'd been forced to change their plans. "To all the 2020 brides, keep your head up. Now you have more time to grow your hair out," she joked. Good point, Astrid!

Wendt and Loch (who fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5) got engaged on Toronto Island during a sunset picnic on Aug. 28, 2019, a year after they first met in Mexico. In December of that year, Loch shared their wedding plans in a (since-deleted) IG post. Originally, the nuptials had been scheduled for Nov. 13, 2020, in Sarasota, Florida. "LET THE WEDDING PLANNING BEGIN," she captioned her pic, showing her sparkly ring and a wedding-planning journal. "I may have already found a dress too (priorities)."

Yes, it's totally a bummer that fans will have to wait another year to see these two get hitched, but I'm sure the big day will be worth the wait. Now excuse me while I keep refreshing Loch's IG to figure out what these "many changes" she alluded to might be.