Ashlyn Harris & Ali Krieger's Body Language Makes Me Love Them Even More

I don’t know about you, but my latest power couple obsession has been Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger from the U.S. women’s national soccer team. These two star athletes are both coworkers and fiancées, and the world has gotten to see them in action lately during the 2019 World Cup, in which their team took home the coveted win. Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger’s body language off the field shows just how connected they are, and it truly gives me no choice but to fiercely stan these icons.

Harris and Krieger have known each other since 2010, and for a long time, their relationship stayed on the DL. Over the course of several years, they started posting more couple-y photos on Instagram, and then finally, in March 2019, they announced their engagement — to the joy of their loyal following of fans, who have affectionately dubbed them “Krashlyn.” It’s been super cute seeing Harris and Krieger celebrate their World Cup win together, and I wanted to know more about their relationship off the field. So, I reached out to body language expert Traci Brown to get her take on this couple’s dynamic.

“They're two peas in a pod,” Brown tells Elite Daily. “Really close.” What Harris and Krieger’s photos reveal is just how much they’ve always vibed with each other, even long before their relationship was announced to the world. Check out these photos for more clues about their super strong connection.

Oldie But A Goodie

In this May 2016 selfie, Harris and Krieger look like they couldn’t be more laid-back if they tried. “They're shoulder to shoulder and have their heads together,” Brown notes. “[It] seems like a really relaxed moment.” While they were far from being social media official at this point, it was clear to fans that they spent a lot of time together… and I have to say, this selfie is pretty freaking cute.

Dreamy & Sweet

Jumping forward to November 2018, Harris and Krieger each posted photos from this romantic vacay in the Caribbean. “This picture is for sure staged, but shows lots of intimacy,” Brown says. Despite the fact that Krieger looks like she might burst out laughing, they’re totally “one unit here,” Brown explains. And the result is this dreamy photo that Harris paired with a romantic caption: “If I’m ever to leave this life early, I want to be remembered exactly like this… in your arms, under a waterfall.” Swoon.

Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas from Krashlyn! This silly photo provides a glimpse into their everyday life together. "Looks like they're having fun clowning around,” Brown points out. “They both want to be there, and they have about the same intensity of a smile. So they're sharing the same emotions, and that's what good couples do.”

Playful In Purple

In May 2019, Harris and Krieger attended a friend’s wedding together, and Krieger posted this cute photo with her boo. “What a fun picture! They're both glowing,” Brown notes. “It looks like they're glued together, pulling each other close.” Not only is their outfit coordination on point, but they also look thrilled to be there as each other’s date.

Making History
Anna Gowthorpe/BPI/Shutterstock

I mean, talk about legendary… how many couples get to share a World Cup win together? Harris and Krieger took a moment after the final game to pose with the trophy. “Who wouldn't want to share this moment as a couple?,” Brown says. “Again we see them super close, nobody is backing away.” They are savoring the win together, which is a moment neither of them will likely forget.

Red Carpet Romance

Harris and Krieger rolled into the 2019 ESPYs on July 10 and basically became my fashion muses for the entire year. “Here we see them gently angled towards each other, shoulders together like they've shown they like to do,” Brown explains. “And they're standing the same way, mirroring each other. That's what great couples do! So nice to see a celebrity couple this way on the red carpet.” They look confident in themselves and also super proud to be photographed together (with another trophy, of course).

Not only are Harris and Krieger each a total boss in their own right, but they’re even better as a couple. “These two are fantastic,” Brown emphasizes, and TBH, I couldn’t agree more. This relationship is a total win, both in sports and in life, and I can’t wait to see where their careers and their love continue to take them.