Ashley Benson & G-Eazy's Astrological Compatibility Is V Chill

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As a Cashley stan, I can't say I love the idea of Ashley Benson moving on from Cara Delevingne to someone new. TBH, Benson has yet to confirm the rumors that she's now seeing G-Eazy (and reps for the stars didn't reply to Elite Daily's request for comment). There's also the fact that the only pieces of evidence are some flirty IG comments, a trip to a health food store together, and a musical collaboration, so I'm not entirely convinced. However, whether they're the real deal or not, there's no denying that Ashley Benson and G-Eazy's astrological compatibility is pretty close to perfect.

Benson was born on Dec. 18, which makes her a free-spirited Sagittarius. G-Eazy's birthday falls on May 24, making him an impulsive and independent Gemini. Optimistic and always down for adventure, Gems and Sags make one of the best pairs imaginable. These signs both tend to be adaptable, and because they approach new relationships with an open mind and heart, these two are sure to find a kindred spirit in each other. Because they also have a tendency to live in the moment, a Gemini-Sagittarius pairing will likely be carefree, giving their relationship room to blossom without any pressure or expectation.

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Sags typically can't stand to be tied down. Those born under this sign love having autonomy, and though commitment is kind of their nightmare, they're cool with companionship as long as that partner understands their need for space. Back in 2012, when Teen Vogue asked Benson if she would ever move in with her then-boyfriend Ryan Good, she replied, "I don't think I could live with anybody. I had roommates, and it's not for me. I like my space!" Spoken like a true Sag queen.

Even a decade ago, Benson knew that anyone she dated needed to be just as fun-loving as her. When asked by Seventeen in 2010 what she looks for in a partner, the actor said, "I don't want to be with someone boring because I'm always laughing. I like to play jokes on people and be sarcastic." And because non-confrontational Sags tend to avoid conflict, Benson noted that she has zero tolerance for drama. "I hate drama. Hate it," she said. "...being on [Pretty Little Liars], I get all of it, but in my personal life, I'm drama-free." When it comes to dating a Sagittarius, overly serious and overly dramatic folks need not apply.

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Just like Sagittarians, Geminis have an unquenchable thirst for life. These happy-go-lucky individuals want to seize every opportunity they can, and that certainly seems to be G-Eazy's philosophy. As he told The Guardian in 2014, "If you're not out living then you've got nothing to talk about." Also similar to Sags, Gems are amazingly creative, so they tend to gravitate towards the arts. For G-Eazy, that means devoting every spare moment to the studio and his music, even if that means putting romance on the back burner. "Music is my first love, and will always come first," he told Forbes in 2017.

Gems and Sags may not be known for their loyalty, but that's exactly what makes them such a good match. They understand the need to have privacy and freedom for exploration, so they allow each other to do their own thing without judgement. Considering these signs are both allergic to #feelings, tearful arguments are a rarity in a Gem-Sag relationship. Instead, these two come together in the hopes of having a good time with no rules, and that's exactly what they get. IMO, if this is indeed a rebound relationship for Benson, then she couldn't have picked a better companion.