Arie Shared A Photo Of His & Lauren's Wedding Invites, So Start Waiting By Your Mailbox


Remember Arie Luyendyk? Any remaining memory of his Bachelor season may have checked out of your brain once surprise pick Colton Underwood was named as the new Bachelor, but Season 22 lead Arie and fiancée Lauren Burnham have never ceased to pop up in Bachelor Nation since their engagement aired. They've been busy planning a wedding, and you know it's legit once the invitations have hit the mail. Arie and Lauren's wedding invitations have been revealed, and they may just inspire you to sneakily DM the happy couple your address.

At this point, Arie and Lauren don't even need a televised wedding for Bachelor Nation to feel included in preparations for the big day on Jan. 12, 2019. After announcing their wedding date and location in a May appearance on The View, the couple have frequently taken to Instagram for wedding and life updates. Lauren shared a peek into her bridal shower, while both she and Arie posted about the house they bought together. No matter how you feel about them, Arie and Lauren's social media posts definitely prove that this wedding will be a classy, beautiful affair.

Although they've stated that their wedding is private, the reveal of Arie and Lauren's invitations on Arie's Instagram is just another reminder that fans will likely have their own hypothetical seat at the Hawaii ceremony thanks to inevitable Instagram posts. Coming in envelopes with personalized "A + L" stamps, the invite shows a picture of Lauren and Arie in a field. The card reads, "Lauren and Arie request your company at their wedding, Saturday, January 12, 2019." Lest we forget, the invitation also reminds us the two are tying the knot at Haiku Mill in Maui.

With the newest Bachelor season most likely premiering on Jan. 7, the first Monday of the month, Arie and Lauren's wedding comes less than a week after Season 23's expected launch. ABC cameras might not be invited, but the couple has admitted that they picked their wedding date with Bachelor producers' availability in mind. If Chris Harrison can't be here to give an ABC-associated blessing, I guess producers are the next best thing.

As for whether former Bachelor ladies will be guests alongside producers, there probably won't be a huge group photo of show alums at the wedding. Season 22's fourth-place finisher Tia Booth shared with Entertainment Tonight that she hopes to get invited, but seeing how many women from Arie's season scolded him when he dumped Final Rose pick Becca Kufrin in favor of Lauren, she wasn't too certain about many contestants being invited. Speaking to ET, Tia said that other Bachelor women attending "might be a little awkward for Arie."

Yep, Arie wouldn't "love that."

One Bachelor lady who definitely won't find an invite in her mailbox? Becca. While the most recent Bachelorette has said that she would go to the wedding if invited, Arie made it harshly clear that his ex-fiancée wasn't welcome. He told Us Weekly, "Yes, I wouldn’t mind [having friends from the show there]. And just tell Becca she’s not invited.”


Bachelor beef aside, it'll definitely be special to add another couple to the ranks of married pairs in the franchise. Good luck to Arie and Lauren in the final few months of planning!

Season 23 of The Bachelor premieres in January 2019 on ABC.