Arie Clapped Back At Krystal After ‘The Bachelor’ & Twitter Exploded

Krystal already delivered the drama in her individual hot seat on the Women Tell All special of The Bachelor, and her one-on-one time with Arie on the couch only intensified that drama. Arie clapped back at Krystal, and Twitter was all about it. If you were convinced that Arie was just a major dose of vanilla throughout his Bachelor season, his confrontation of Krystal totally proved differently.

When Arie was welcomed on stage to talk with the women, Krystal clearly wanted to make a spectacle of her discussion with him. She asked to join Arie on the couch, and the moment she sat down, Arie already seemed just as done with her as we all are. Starting things off, Krystal told him, "Our goodbye felt cold to me."

As the memory of dramatically deserting Krystal in a Parisian clock tower likely flashed through Arie's mind, he replied, "In a way, looking back now, I felt it was pretty appropriate!"

Bachelor burn! Who knew Arie had some sass?

Continuing his quest to suddenly seem likable to America, Arie used the gift of watching back his own season to shut down Krystal. He expressed that watching her behavior toward the other women hurt him, as he defended her throughout the competition and kept her around so long. I bet he's really regretting introducing her to Mama Luyendyk now, huh?


Trying to defend herself in the heated moment, Krystal then blamed Arie for spending time with the other women. Summing up every fan ever when a Bachelor contestant complains about not getting enough time with the lead, Arie said, "This is The Bachelor."

I mean, after all of this drama, I'm just glad someone finally had that "well, duh" moment with her.

Understandably, Twitter loved this sudden burst from personality from our usually bland Bachelor.

Apparently, Arie's hideout backstage doesn't include a live stream of what's going on during the taping, because Chris Harrison made a point of saying that Arie didn't know about Krystal's "needle d*ck" comment. The other women immediately joined together to drive Krystal away with metaphorical pitchforks, aka the clip revealing her crazy vent about Arie, and started chanting, "Play that clip!"

Luckily for Krystal, the footage wasn't rolled out again, but Arie probably didn't need that reminder of her wackiness to smoothly deliver that clapback. While live-tweeting the Women Tell All, he even hinted that something about her always rubbed him the wrong way:

Dude, where has this wit been the last eight weeks?

Further displaying how just quickly conversations with Krystal change direction, she told Arie, "I was here for you and I hope that you know that." The only thing missing from the encounter was an ABC security guard ushering her offstage after her parting words to Arie. Somehow, I feel that Krystal would even find a way to get a word in during that kind of exit.

While Krystal clearly wasn't worried about maintaining a filter and trying to redeem her reputation during the tell-all, it seems that she doesn't regret the Bachelor experience at all. During her individual time in the hot seat, she revealed that talking about her homeless brother in her intro package convinced him to reach out to her. Krystal's brother is now transitioning into living with her family again, and Krystal said that she had the show to thank for that.

Despite this sweet reminder that Krystal definitely has a softer side, the special totally convinced me that she's on her way to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. As for Arie, I feel entitled to seeing more unaired footage of him to learn about this thing of his called a personality.

The Bachelor returns on Monday, Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.