Fans Think Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' Tracklist Teases More Songs About Pete Davidson

by Jamie LeeLo
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thank goddess for Ariana Grande (and no, that ain't a typo). Ari has proven once and for all that god is a woman and she rocks a serious high pony tail, too. The Sweetener star just announced her next album thank u, next is extremely close on the horizon and has her fans totally spinning out. In fact, it's scheduled to drop on Feb. 8 just before Valentine's Day. Fans are also busy analyzing the album's tracklist, which Grande just released on her Instagram account, too. Ariana Grande's thank u, next tracklist looks like it could have tons of references to her old relationships, and people are wondering exactly how much Pete Davidson is going to pop up on these tracks.

In true Grande fashion, the song titles alone evoke some sort of mood.





fake smile

bad idea

make up


in my head

7 rings

thank u, next

break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored

OK, OK, OK. Let's get into it.

First of all, there's one song title that immediately sticks out. "Break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" is not only, like, an entire sentence used as a song title, it's also the only song fans haven't heard about before. Back in November, the tracklist was leaked featuring every title you see here except for that last one. Could it be a last minute addition? Was Ariana Grande's PR team behind the leak in the first place? Is it specifically, implicitly, intentionally directed at Pete Davidson? So many questions! So little info!

Fans also think the song "NASA" must be about Davidson considering he wore a NASA T-shirt to the 2018 VMAs, which he attended with his then-fiancée, Ari. That was the only red carpet appearance they made together as an engaged couple, and their breakup famously came shortly after.

Plus, Arianators already know the significance behind "7 rings." Grande revealed she was having a "bad day" in New York City when she and her six best friends popped by Tiffany's. After a few glasses of champagne, Grande bought them all matching rings after previously taking off her giant engagement bauble from Davidson.

My theory is the thank u, next tracklist could be a chronological story about her relationship with Davidson, beginning with their courtship and ending with their breakup. I'm just saying.

Fans are sounding off on Twitter. In fact, tons of them are making fun of E! News' tweet which drew the NASA connection stating, "Ariana Grande's tracklist has a song called NASA. Pete Davidson has a jacket that says NASA." Others are just emotional and excited. To be fair, no one is wrong here.

It's a lot. A lot-a lot.

The most important take away here is that on Feb. 8 Grande drops her second album in six months and we know it already has some killer smashes on it. Fans are going to love it whether or not Pete Davidson is involved. Duh.