You Like Ariana Grande's Hair? Gee, Thanks, She Just Dyed It — UPDATE

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

UPDATE: Following reports on Aug. 5, 2019, that Ariana Grande had recently dyed her hair lavender with the help of celeb hairstylist Chris Appleton, photos seen on Grande's Instagram last night reveal her hair is still, in fact, brown. The photo Appleton posted to Instagram is likely a photo from Grande's 2018 Coachella performance, which Elite Daily has reached out to Appleton to confirm.

EARLIER: You like Ariana Grande's hair? Gee, thanks, she just dyed it! Some celebrities change up their hair color more often than I wash mine, while others, like Ariana Grande, have a signature look that fans rarely ever see her stray away from. And when she does change up her look, it's definitely a cause for commotion. So you can imagine fans' reactions when the singer's longtime hairstylist, Chris Appleton, posted an image of her with light purple hair. Ariana Grande's new lavender hair is the first time fans have seen the singer trade in her chocolate-y brown locks for a lighter shade in a while (other than her recent platinum blonde hair), but I'm definitely into it.

On Thursday, Aug. 1, Appleton posted an image of Grande rocking the new light lavender look, accompanied by the caption, "Lavender pony’s change lives." In the post, the singer can be see rocking lavender fingerless gloves with a matching tank, skirt, and nails. As for her makeup beat, she's rocking her signature cat-eye with chunky, metallic glitter on the top of her cheekbone. And finally, as far as her mane goes, brown roots transition from a light, silvery purple to a brighter, lavender shade. One thing does remain the same though, and that is Grande's signature slicked back ponytail... but this time, she added a braid on the top of her crown, and her pony was crimped.

It looks like the pic Appleton posted was taken as he was doing some last-minute touch-ups on the singer before she went on stage, so there's no telling whether this hair transformation is the real deal, or simply a new look for a performance. And given how real Grande's roots look against the new light purple shade, I'm honestly not sure what to believe (apart from that fact that many, many extensions were likely involved).

While fans don't often see Grande change up her hair color, this is not Appleton's first time giving a celebrity a major hair color transformation. The colorist has changed Kim Kardashian's 'do from brown to blonde to pink and back countless times. He is also the man behind some of Kylie Jenner's, Katy Perry's, and J.Lo's major hair color transformations as well. So regardless of if Grande's new hair color is here to stay or if it's just a wig, you can trust that Appleton took good care of her locks in the process.

Not that there was any doubt that Grande's fans would love her lavender hair change, but let's just say, fan support was through the roof. "GO AND BE GREAT IN YOUR LAVENDER!" one follower commented on Appleton's Instagram post. "@chrisappleton1 This Unicorn Pony is a Dream. 💜💜💜" said another. "That lavender pony issa vibe!! 💜💜💜💜💗💗" commented a third, making it clear that Ari stans can't get enough of her new color.

Hopefully, we'll see the star rocking these lavender strands for longer than a day. Either way, there's one thing that I'm willing to bet on — Grande will never, ever lose her signature ponytail.