Ariana's Mom Was In Her "Positions" Video & You Totally Missed It

Courtesy of Ariana Grande on YouTube

Ariana Grande keeps her friends close and family even closer. The singer debuted her latest single "Positions" on Friday, Oct. 23, alongside an epic music video that shows her portraying the president — and she enlisted the help of some of her favorite women to be a part of her imaginary political administration. Ariana Grande's mom was in her "Positions" video and you probably missed it.

Grande has been teasing new music — and her upcoming album — for months now, so Arianators had their eyes glued to YouTube as the clock struck midnight on Oct. 23 to see what the "Positions" music video was all about. It didn't take fans long to dissect the lyrics and the visuals and put together that Grande's new track is a powerful anthem about how women can do everything.

While some of her lyrics — like "Boy, I'm tryna meet your mama on a Sunday, then make a lotta love on a Monday" — can be taken as a love ballad about being all the things her partner wants, the music video tells a different story. In the visuals, Grande and her group of strong women change "positions," taking on roles typically held by men in the White House, and it's absolute magic. Of course, Grande included her mama in the video and fans were living for Joan's appearance.

Check out Joan's closeup at the 35-second mark in the video below.

Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement about Joan, and one comment even caught Grande's attention. "Joan really looked STUNNING in the video," one commenter wrote, to which Grande tagged her mom and replied, "Always."

Joan was so thrilled to be a part of her daughter's latest project. "I love you always," Joan tweeted to Grande. "And thank you for being the generous, gracious, gorgeous, person that you are... I am beyond words proud of you!"

With a nod to her part in Grande's music video, Joan added: "I loved being your Secy of Defense... teehee."

Check out what else fans are saying about Joan.

It's official: Joan and Ariana Grande are definitely one of the cutest mom and daughter duos around.