Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" Video Will Make You Feel Rich & Powerful Despite Being Broke AF

by Jamie LeeLo

God bless us, everyone. It's finally here. Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" music video made it's highly anticipated debut on Friday, Jan. 18, and it's as good if not better than what fans were hoping for. Everyone was wondering how the Sweetener singer was going to top her "Thank U, Next" music video, and while "7 Rings" might not have Kris Jenner in it, it does have her dog, Toulouse.

Like with most of tunes from her Sweetener album, Grande began teasing "7 Rings" early. Way back before fans even heard the entirety of "Thank U, Next," Grande asked them if they liked the intro to the song on Instagram. She also added seven ring emojis, which fans assumed could only mean one thing: the "Thank U, Next" intro music must be linked to an impending track. Well, they were right.

On Monday, Jan. 14, Grande released a teaser to the "7 Rings" music video which clearly illustrated the beginning instrumentals of the "Thank U, Next" video. The tweet also included a caption that spelled out "7 Rings, Friday" in both English and Japanese. In 2017 during a trip in Japan, Grande spoke to fans in Japanese where she told them she was learning the language. While it's unclear if she can speak the language fluently, she clearly has her numbers and days of the week down.

Everyone marked their calendars and waited.

Then, on the 18th, this happened:

I mean, HELLO!

The song is effectively a rap song that loosely follows the tune of "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music thrown in. Only Ariana Grande could pull that off. In it, she unapologetically sings about how much money she has and how she can buy whatever she wants for herself and her friends. It's very "Independent Women, Pt. 1," and I'm very much here for it. The video itself is pretty much just Ariana Grande looking fierce AF as she has a very pink party with her besties. LOVE IT.

According to Grande, she wrote the song about a group of her closest friends and matching rings she purchased for them. In December 2018, Grande confessed on Twitter she was having a rough day when a group of her friends and her went shopping together. Apparently, they all strolled into Tiffany's, had a little bit of bubbly, and Grande was inspired to gift them all the matching pieces of jewelry. Fans put this together when they noticed she had removed her famous engagement ring from ex-fiancé Pete Davidson and replaced it with a little sparkler. Then, the same ring appeared in her friends' selfies, too.

Grande later tweeted the inspiration behind the song and the story about that day. She wrote:

well ............. ‘twas a pretty rough day in nyc. my friends took me to tiffany’s. we had too much champagne. i bought us all rings. it was very insane and funny. & on the way back to the stu njomza was like ‘bitch, this gotta be a song lol’. so we wrote it that afternoon.

All's well that ends with gorgeous jewelry, a hit song, and an epic music video. That's what I always say! Keep it coming, Ari!