Ariana, Miley, & Lana Del Rey Have A New Song In The 'Charlie's Angels' Trailer

Mike Coppola/Neilson Barnard/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Good morning, Angels! The Charlie's Angels reboot, helmed by Elizabeth Banks, just dropped its first trailer, and oh boy, are we not ready for this movie. The Angels in this version of the classic franchise are Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott of Aladdin and Power Rangers fame, and Ella Balinska, and the soundtrack is apparently just as star-studded, seeing as the song in the trailer features Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey. Yes, you read that correctly. Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Ray's song in the Charlie's Angels trailer is here for all of your summer bop needs, and honestly, who thought we'd see the day where these three artists jumped on a track together?! Not I!

The Charlie's Angels Instagram account posted a preview of the trailer on June 26, but the teaser didn't have any voices on it, nor did it tag Grande, Cyrus, and Del Rey in the caption. Cyrus, however, posted the teaser on her Instagram and tagged Grande and Del Rey in her caption, revealing to the world who was going to be on the track.

Now, the trailer is here, and the song is every damn thing.

Come on, Kristen, Naomi, Ella, and Elizabeth! And hiiiii, Noah Centineo, Djimon Hounsou, and Patrick Stewart. When I first heard this franchise was getting a reboot, my honest reaction was, "Ugh, can't we just make new franchises?" But my opinion has since changed. Like, god damn. I didn't know how much my queer a** wanted to see Kristen Stewart in an action movie. This, Elizabeth Banks. Give me this!

Grande posted the trailer to her Instagram, revealing that she is one of the soundtrack's co-executive producers.

"@Charliesangels in theaters this november .... co executive producing this soundtrack with @awsuki @ilya_music & #mxm has been the coolest f*cking thing in the world," she said in her caption. "Beyond grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait for everyone to hear the music and see this phenomenal film. November."

One thing that still has yet to be revealed is the song's title. Based on the lyrics heard in the video, it seems like it could be called "Don't Call Me Angel," or maybe just "Angel." "Charlie's Angels" would also be an obvious title to choose. Whatever the title of the track, I can already tell this song is a bop. That little dinging tune is already stuck in my head.

As for what the trailer reveals about the film's plot, it looks like Stewart and Balinska play seasoned spies, where Scott plays a programmer who "can't sleep at night" because she's so worried that the project she's working on can be weaponized. She somehow gets roped into the Angels organization after a dangerous run-in with Orlando Bloom.

It also seems like there are multiple Bosleys throughout the world in this organization. Elizabeth Banks is one of them, it looks like Djimon Hounsou could be another, and Patrick Stewart's voice sounds so similar to Charlie's that it almost had me thinking he is Charlie. My money is on him being either another Bosley, or a villain.

Charlie's Angels comes out in November. Prepare yourselves.