How To Know If Your Moon Signs Are Compatible When Literally Nothing Else Looks Promising

by Rosey Baker
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Look, there's a lot to think about when it comes to what makes a couple compatible. It takes a lot, like communication, compromise, and probably you need a spell book, tongue of newt and a raven's feather to make a relationship work. It's nearly impossible in the modern world to meet someone and find happiness. So I don't blame you for sticking out a relationship purely for astrological reasons. I also don't blame you for saying to yourself, "If, in 2017, moon signs are compatible, then I don't care if he forces me to go mountain biking on the weekends and doesn't believe in marriage. I can make this work!"

If nothing else in your entire relationship looks promising — if your personalities, personality types, family values, religious values, even your circadian rhythms are off, then you have to cling to the one thing you know works about your bond. If all you have is the fact that your moon signs are compatible, then hey, no one can fault you for #makinitwork. After all, your moon sign represents your emotional life, your most personal, instinctual feelings. If you can understand each other on that level, you've got something. I mean, I've stayed in relationships that promised less. I once stayed with a guy for six months because he let me borrow his headphones when I needed to.

Here's the list of moon signs that are the most compatible, just to offer you a thread for your unlikely partnership to hold on to.

Virgo Moon & Virgo Moon

OK, so nobody is perfect, but at least with two Virgo moons, everybody's trying to be. That way, when one offers criticism, the other knows its done in an effort to help. These two moon signs together can help one another get a lot of stuff done, because the attention to detail is insane. Living together, you will never be without toilet paper, and the dishes will always be done.

Because Virgo moons are consistently trying to better themselves, they could have a tendency to make every communication a comment card, and the key is to remember that sometimes people don't want feedback. Sometimes, they just need someone who is good at listening. Think of listening as a skill you can fine-tune for yourself, and you'll have an easier time hearing one another out without trying to solve the problem.

Pisces Moon & Scorpio Moon

The emotional understanding here is intuitive and compassionate. Scorpio moons feel everything intensely, as do Pisces moons, but Pisces will do well to calm the stormy heart of a Scorpio moon. In turn, Scorpio will help Pisces recognize when and where to stand up for his/herself. Pisces moons tend to attract some less-than-desirable people because of their trusting nature, and Scorpio moon instinctually feels that everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

The combination of their energy, and their intuitive understanding of one another will create a lasting bond even if this relationship doesn't work out long-term.

Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Moon

You might both be the kind of people who are negative as hell and you might ruin every single dinner you're invited to together, but on the inside, you're as playful as a handful of party balloons. Gemini tends to be a little more of a worrier, but Sagittarius' optimism serves to buoy Gemini's anxiety, and Gemini's natural reticence can harness the Sagittarius desire to over-indulge.

Overall, if this relationship does fall apart, the friendship between these two will last. These two moons signs will allow each other the freedom to make choices independent of one another, and they have an aversion to messy conflict in relationships, in spite of their mutual love of debate.

Leo & Aquarius

This is a case of opposites attracting. Leo moons have a desire to be put on a public pedestal, worshipped, and praised. Aquarians have a desire to be left alone to tinker away at their own ideas in private. Together, these two find each other both fascinating and frustrating at the same time, but one thing is for sure: you'll never be bored.

These two have a lot to learn from one another, if they're open to it.