Are You Introducing Someone To Your Parents? Here's What Happened When These 10 People Did It

If rom-coms taught me anything (aside from how to properly sprint through an airport to win over your beloved), it's that introducing your partner to your parents is supposed to be hilariously awkward.

The first time I ever tried to oh-so-casually tell my dad a guy was going to pick me up for a date, he grinned and insisted I have the young man come to the door. It was my junior year of high school, and after weeks of exchanging awkward Facebook messages with the cute senior who did the lighting for the school plays, he asked me out for ice cream. The day of the date, he parked his mom's sedan in my driveway and waited for me to come outside. Instead, I texted him to come inside to meet my dad. God bless him for being brave enough to do it.

I expected a quick hi-bye situation, but instead, they actually hit it off. My date and my dad wound up having an intense 20-minute discussion about the Pac Man-themed Google Doodle of the day. Nerds, right? Meanwhile, I slouched onto the chair by the back door, waiting for them to finally wrap up so I could feel like a rom-com heroine, driving around a sleepy suburb with a cute older boy.

I'm glad I got that first nervewracking introduction over with at 17, because I felt more confident the next time I brought someone home — a serious boyfriend instead of just a crush.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I know it's peak season for introducing partners to parents. So I asked real people how their introductions went. If you're prepping for that first big meeting between your significant other and your family, whip out a pen and paper and start taking notes. Some of these stories are almost too good to be true — and others will make you cringe so hard, you'll want to cancel Thanksgiving altogether.

This woman's mom did not come to play.

— Daniela, 23

This woman's dad didn't think the boyfriend would stick around... But now they're married!

— Emily, 27

This woman's dad actually referenced the movie Meet The Parents.

— Alexia, 24

This woman's boyfriend charmed her parents before she even got to the bar.

— Kelsey, 25

This woman was really nervous, but everyone hit it off.

— Theresa, 24

This woman's grandma offered her boyfriend a trip to the Bahamas right off the bat.

— Angelique, 24

This man's parents were surprisingly supportive of his new boyfriend.

— Thomas, 19

This woman's mom said they could never get married.

— Emily, 20

This woman's mom jumped the gun on introducing herself to the boyfriend.

— Hannah, 22

This woman wound up introducing her new boyfriend to her entire family all at once.

— Melanie, 20

There's no need to sweat an introduction. You love your partner and your family loves you — by the transitive property, that means they're basically guaranteed to hit it off.

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