Are We Dating Or Just Friends? Women Reveal The Times When They Had No Clue


You would think something like whether or not you're dating someone would be pretty easy to figure out, but alas, it's 2017, and NOTHING is obvious and easy anymore — not even realizing if the situation-ship you're in is a relationship. For months before my boyfriend officially asked me to be his girlfriend, I racked my brain trying to figure out what in the world we were doing. Were we just hooking up? Well, no, because we went on "dates." But in that case, were we dating, or were we just friends who hung out together and happened to boink from time to time? CONFUSING.

Well, luckily, I'm not the only one who's been in that awkward position. A recent Reddit thread asked ladies, "What is your 'Wait, are we dating?' story?" and, oh, man, did they have some hilariously confusing predicaments. Read along and prepare to say "same."

They weren't dating, but when she made out with someone else, it was "cheating" because that makes total sense...


She sent a quick text to clear things up, and it worked.


They had been in a relationship for weeks before she had any idea.


His whole family knew she was his girlfriend before she did.


She accidentally wound up in a relationship with her platonic girl friend.


He was secretly "in love" with her, but did a REALLY good job of keeping it a secret.


Apparently, sending flowers means you're being asked out?


No better time to DTR than during a shared lap dance at a strip club.


Confused about whether you and your (maybe) bae are dating or just friends? I'd say the best method of finding out outlined here is obviously getting a lap dance from an especially inquisitive dancer, but, like, if that method doesn't quite suit you, maybe just ask the person what's going on. Novel idea, I know.

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