You Need To See Nick Viall & Rachel Bilson Flirting On Instagram

by Candice Jalili
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Wait a (very hot) minute... Are Nick Viall and Rachel Bilson dating? If you're a fan of The Bachelor and The O.C, prepare to freak out. Bilson and Viall have been flirting on Instagram and fans (it's me, I am fans) are thinking the two could actually be dating. (Elite Daily reached out to reps of both Viall and Bilson for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

The two started their flirtatious relationship when Viall asked Bilson to come on his podcast, The Viall Files, for its 30th episode that aired on July 24. In order to invite Bilson onto the show Viall slid into her DMs, and obvi they exchanged some flirty banter about it in the beginning of her episode.

"I slid into her DMs to have her come on," Viall began, quickly adding that it was just "professionally." Bilson didn't let that line slide without joking that he actually sent her nudes to convince her to come on the show. LOL.

But a day before Bilson's episode even aired, Viall piqued the attention of fans by posting a picture of himself and Bilson looking awfully comfortable on the small couch together along with the caption, "Will we choose to forgo our individual rooms..."

Then, just when you thought things couldn't get any better, Bilson chimed in to say, "He slid into her.....dms #sheaccepted." Obvi she was just referring to the fact that Viall slid into her DMs to get her to come on the show, but come on! Bringing up inside jokes with sexual innuendos in the comments? Seems flirty to me.

It also seemed flirty to fans, who quickly took to social media to figure out WTF was going on.

OK, so the two could have just been engaging in some light flirty banter to promote her episode before it aired, but even months after it aired, they're still getting their flirt on in public.

On Sept. 15, Bilson took to Instagram to post a picture of herself on a mountain. In the caption she wrote, "climb every mountain," along with a cactus emoji and a mountain emoji. Simple enough.

Luckily for all of us, Comments By Celebs managed to capture Viall's super flirty comment and post it as part of their roundup on Sept. 15. What did Viall comment, you ask? "Nice mountains." Ah, a perfect double entendre. So them.

Viall made it clear he was attracted to Bilson as soon as he began the episode she was featured in when he decided to tell the story of the first time he watched her movie, Jumper.

"The first time I saw Jumper was after I had been broken up with by my then fiancée who cheated on me. It's fine," Viall began. "But in a weird way you kind of look like her. Naturally I was kind of crushing on you to be totally honest. I was just like, Oh God, that girl looks like my ex, but I did find my ex hot. It was this whole process of watching the movie, I really enjoyed it but I was kind of mad at you at the same time."

Bilson chimed in by saying with a laugh, "I sensed some hostility when I walked in the room, I didn't know why."

Viall previously was engaged to Bachelor winner Vanessa Grimaldi.

For her part, Bilson broke up with her ex and the father of her child Hayden Christensen in 2017. The two had been together for nine years before they split.

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Even if Viall and Bilson are not officially dating, the good news is that they're both single, so there's hope.