Here's Everything We Know About Luke & Stassi's Relationship After 'Bachelor Winter Games'

Luke and Stassi were one of those couples on Bachelor Winter Games to form quickly and grow closer together in the background of other people's love stories. The Bachelorette favorite and the Swedish contestant bonded over having similar health issues, and although they aren't exactly the most exciting couple to watch, you only had to watch their kiss on Episode 2 to find their commitment to each other heartfelt. While their foundation came across as strong in the Winter Games house, their post-show romance may not have gone so well. That being said, are Luke and Stassi dating after Bachelor Winter Games?

When faced with a kissing competition during Episode 3's rose ceremony, Ally spilled that Stassi is normally uncomfortable with PDA, hinting that she and Luke could struggle in showing their connection to others. Luke took the time to tell Stassi that he valued her comfort and wanted to take his time during the contest, and it seemed that the two's connection would pull through the initial discomfort.

Even when Luke's Bachelorette ex JoJo appeared to help judge everyone's kisses, the couple didn't lack in passion, sharing an enviable-looking kiss. JoJo even seemed to understand that her presence might have made the situation awkward, so she was very kind in her critique.

If you're a longtime Bachelor fan who has seen Ashley I. cry in Paradise one too many times or just doesn't trust Dean around any women, Luke and Stassi are probably the Winter Games couple you're rooting for. But while we've basically gotten confirmation of Dean and Ashley's romances carrying on post-show, such isn't the case for Luke and Stassi. So, how are they faring following their time on Winter Games?

While several other cast members have hinted at current romantic pairs on social media (mostly through poking fun at onscreen situations or just appearing in group photo together), this hasn't been the case for Luke and Stassi. Granted, they live an ocean away from each other, with Luke here in the States and Stassi living in Sweden.

However, neither of them has posted pictures with each other from the Winter Games set, which is practically a crime in Bachelor Nation. Luke has largely avoided Winter Games photos, only posting a speed-skating picture with some of the other men and a very tiny-looking producer.

Meanwhile, the only Winter Games photo Stassi has posted recently is a group photo presumably from the filming of the "World Tells All" reunion special. While other Winter Games couples Lesley and Dean and Courtney and Lily appear in the shot with her, Luke is nowhere to be found.

While there's no clear-cut hint at their relationship fading after filming, a tweet Luke sent out during Episode 2 could have been a major giveaway. When Luke chopped wood on his hot tub date with Stassi and remarked that he was like the lumberjack Paul Bunyan, Stassi didn't know the reference. On Twitter, Dean joked about Luke's comment, writing, "Can't believe Stassi didn't know who Paul Bunyan was...the most famous lumberjack of ALL-TIME."

Luke retweeted his post, writing, "That's Strike one, haha."

Is Luke implying that something was wrong with their relationship to begin with? Did something crucial happen either in the finale or after filming wrapped? Of course, this totally reads as innocent humor, but Luke's word choice is a little odd given that his onscreen relationship with Stassi has been relatively free of drama.

With these bare-bone hints in mind, we'll have to wait and see what leaving snowy, romantic Vermont did for Luke and Stassi. The Bachelor Winter Games finale, also consisting of the "World Tells All" reunion, airs on Thursday, Feb. 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.