Most Lightroom 2018 Presets Are Free, So Praise The IG Lords

Everyone approaches the art of Instagram a little bit differently. Some prefer taking the ballsy #NoFilter route, and others (myself included) are all about that filter life. I usually upload each photo to each of my editing apps (I have tons), before ultimately deciding on my favorite filter. It's a process, honestly. However, I recently downloaded the newest version of Lightroom, and it has some of the best preset filters I've yet to see. Since it's an Adobe application, though, you might be wondering if Lightroom 2018 presets are free, so listen up — because you'll definitely want to get in on this.

Lightroom 2018 is — by far — one of the most refined photo-editing apps I've yet to use. Many other photo editing apps compress your photos (and therefore, compromise photo quality) but aside from that, Lightroom comes with some really awesome presets. After you download the app, you'll see that it comes with 10 free presets, which include: Desaturated Contrast, Cool Light, Turquoise & Red, Soft Mist, Vintage Instant, Warm Contrast, Flat & Green, Red Lift Matte, Warm Shadows, and Aged Photos. Each one basically manages to satisfy each of my moods, but if you're looking to go off the grid, feel free! You can find tons of other presets out there, but take note: You'll have to pay for them.

Maybe you've gotten bored of the free presets that come with the app, or there's a chance that you just want to see what else is out there. Regardless, you have the ability to buy more presets on sites like Etsy, where artists sell presets they have created themselves. Honestly, it's the greatest thing ever. Another reliable craft site called Creative Market has a bunch of homemade presets as well, so definitely weigh your options there, too. After buying your favorites, you can just add them to your mobile Lightroom app. There are so many artsy and blogger-esque presets to choose from, and they'll definitely make your feed look oh so lovely. Just make sure you really like the preset before buying it, because these types of things aren't exactly refundable.

Looking to make your feed look identical to your favorite bloggers'? You should definitely check out each of these straight-up gorgeous Lightroom 2018 presets, which were created by famous bloggers. Lucky for all of us IG-lovin' folk, there are so many travel and lifestyle bloggers who have created their own preset packs, which are available for purchase online. Each filter can be used in Lightroom 2018 (on your computer or mobile version), and all of them are so gorgeous. You'll end up wanting to spend your savings on literally each one, so give my apologies to your bank account ahead of time.

Lightroom comes with 10 basic (and undeniably awesome) presets, but if you really want to up your IG game, there are so many cool presets you can buy. Even though I'm all about that free amenity life, I totally support your purchasing decisions if you want to go beyond the template presets... because there are seriously some really awesome ones out there.