Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett announced their breakup in a video.

Fans Think Josh & Nessa Are Back Together For A Very Convincing Reason


Super sleuth fans of Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards are convinced the pair are back together for a major reason. The TikTok couple told fans they had parted ways via an emotional video on June 18 after about a year of dating, but a new social media video hinted they've since reconnected. And while it's hard to confirm whether Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett are back together from a few social media posts, the signs are definitely pointing that way.

The fan theories started surfacing on July 21, after Bryce Hall posted a dance TikTok video with Richards. While most of the video depicted the friends showing off their moves, Barrett popped in at the end, a plot twist fans were not expecting.

The video prompted fans to further theorize on what's going on between Richards and Barrett over on Twitter. Overall, the consensus seems to be they're, once again, an item. "BRUH i literally took a shower, came back, and now josh and nessa are back together? man how long was i in there," one fan joked.

"Wait a minute.... Josh and Nessa ar back together? Does that mean that all hype house have forgiven Nessa for kissing Chase? Btw they seems to be friends with Chase too," another tweeted.

To add fuel to the fire, fans figured out that Barrett's phone background is currently a photo of her and Josh.

The reunion was the last thing fans expected after a lengthy YouTube video detailing their breakup hit the internet one month prior.

"We didn't want lies or rumors being spread," Josh shared in the video titled "We Broke Up." "There comes a point in relationships where you realize maybe it isn't best to be together. We realized that we needed to mature and we needed to grow as people. We were in a very serious relationship but we weren't ready for as serious as it was. She's an amazing girl and I will always care about her always," he said.

Richards and Barrett have yet to publicly confirm they're back together, but as two of the biggest TikTok stars in the game, their social media pages speak for themselves.