Here's Where Nessa & Josh Richards Stand After Their Breakup & The Lil Huddy Drama

Courtesy of Josh Richards on YouTube

Once upon a time, Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett were one of TikTok's most adorable couples. Like many of the high-profile relationships that have come out of the social media world, Richards and Barrett's time together didn't come without drama. The most talked about moment came in mid-March when Chase "Lil Huddy" Hudson allegedly DM'd Barrett while she was still dating Richards and it became the topic of a Sway House diss track (but more on that later). Ever since Barrett and Richards broke up, fans have been curious: Are Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards still friends? Here's that we know about the two following the Hudson drama.

Barrett and Richards "secretly dated" for four months before going public with their relationship in a YouTube video posted on Feb. 16. Weeks later, on March 20, Richards released a diss track with his then Sway House housemate Bryce Hall calling out Hudson for sliding into Barrett's DMs, even though Hudson was dating Charli D'Amelio at the time.

That little hiccup didn't really affect the pair, however, and they continued to date until June 2020, at which point Barrett and Richards confirmed they split after nine months together. It was a friendly breakup, though, with both insisting there were no hard feelings.

"Nessa is a person that will always have a place in my heart," Richards told People at the time. "We have learned so much from each other. I wish her nothing but the best and we are so proud of our time together. Our relationship has ended, but my respect for her will never change."

Barrett shared a similar statement, telling People: "Josh and I are both very saddened by the breakup, but we’ll always be there to support each other in our personal endeavors and wish nothing but love and joy for one another."

The pair even linked up for a June 18 YouTube video where they further drove the "we're still friends" point home. "There comes a point in relationships where you realize maybe it isn't best to be together," Richards said in a YouTube video. "We realized that we needed to mature and we needed to grow as people. We were in a very serious relationship but we weren't ready for as serious as it was."

Fast forward to July, and Chase Hudson was, once again, linked to Barrett. On July 6, he revealed in a Twitter rant that he had kissed Barrett while they were both single. But after D'Amelio called him out for having gone to her house after without telling her about the kiss, and much backlash from fans, Hudson lashed out by dragging his fellow TikTokers, accusing many of them of cheating on their significant others too. It was a mess and a half and, of course, Richards had to put his two cents in.

During a July 8 Instagram Live Q&A, Richards addressed the situation. When asked about Hudson's actions towards Barrett, Richards claimed Hudson tried to "do more" than just kiss her. Richards threw a bit of shade at Hudson, securing fan's speculation that the two men are not on friendly terms.

As for where Richards and Barrett stand, Richards made it clear they're still on friendly terms. When asked if they still talk, he said, "We still talk a little."

At one point, Barrett even joined the live, writing "hi" in the comments, further cementing the idea that the pair are still cool despite everything.

It's nice to see Richards and Barrett aren;t letting a little TikTok drama get in the way of their friendship.