Josh Richards & Bryce Halls Instagrams With Lil Huddy Have Fans Asking Questions

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For many, with TikTok fame comes TikTok feuds. That was definitely the case for Josh Richards, Chase Hudson, and Bryce Hall, who have been on the outs for months. But it seems a truce may have been called on Monday, June 15. Richards appeared to extend an olive branch in the form of social media promotion — and Hall jumped in by posting a pretty friendly photo with Hudson of his own. So, are Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, and Lil Huddy friends again? Hall's reaction to Richards promoting Lil Huddy's merch is interesting, and has left fans with tons of questions.

The beef between Hall, Hudson, and Richards started in January 2020 when Richards claimed in a Vlog that Hudson unfollowed him and Hall on social media, and things only escalated from there. Fast forward two months, and Hall and Richards collabed on "Still Softish," a diss track that claimed Hudson was flirting with multiple girls while dating Charli D'Amelio.

After that, Hall and Richards claimed any hard feelings towards Hudson were in the past, though Hall later seemingly reignited the feud when he sub-tweeted someone calling them a liar (fans couldn;t help but think it was directed at Richards and Hall). You can revisit the entire timeline of their feud here.

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On June 15, though, Richards posted a series of pictures of himself promoting Hudson's "Huddy Gang" merch line, causing some confusion.

"Get your sway merch link in bio," Richards wrote. Hall was quick to comment "Clownin," which made fans wonder if Richards' post was all one big joke.

However, the following day, Hall posted a pic to his Instagram page that showed him and Hudson having a fun time together, furthering speculation they are all friends again. Then again, Hall is holding a snake and captioned the photo with a bunch of snake emojis, so the posts could also be shade. It's really hard to know.

What may convince you these new social media interactions are actually friendly is that the TikTok room noticed on June 15 that Hudson has started following Hall and Richards on IG again.

Fans are hoping this is the start of a reconciliation between Hall, Richards and Hudson. "U and chase being friends ! we stan that," one person commented on Hall's pic. Another wrote: "This is a trio I need MORE OF."

A Richards, Hall, and Hudson collab could be the next big thing to take over TikTok, but fans will just have to wait and see if it ever happens.