Hannah Just Revealed Her Current Relationship Status On 'The Bachelorette' Finale


Hannah's season of The Bachelorette has been filled with more than a season's worth of drama. But after plenty of ups and downs among all of the men vying for Hannah's heart (especially Luke P.), it seemed like Hannah might have finally found her happy ending once she delivered her final rose. In Greece, Hannah chose Jed as the winner of her season of The Bachelorette and they got engaged. It seemed like that could be their happily ever after, but unfortunately, that wasn't the end of the story. Are Hannah and Jed together after The Bachelorette finale? "After The Final Rose" revealed that the couple broke up over the phone after they left Greece.

Things went smoothly for Hannah and Jed during their time filming The Bachelorette, but things started to get a little rocky after filming ended and the couple needed to enter the real world. In June, Jed's ex girlfriend Haley Stevens revealed to PEOPLE that she and Jed were still dating when he began his time on The Bachelorette. Stevens said that Jed had applied for the show in order to gain publicity for his music career, but that he promised the would continue his relationship with her once he returned. Instead, she never heard from him again.

Chris Harrison alluded to the drama that went on after the final rose ceremony in an Instagram post on July 30. He posted a photo of Hannah and himself during the season finale in Greece and wrote, "This was a beautiful happy day in Greece. Much has changed since this glorious day."

At the start of "After The Final Rose," Harrison warned that audiences would see the cost of "lies and betrayal" and that the proposal in hindsight could only be described as "cringeworthy." Both Hannah and Jed appeared on "After The Final Rose" to set the record straight about the state of their relationship.

After Hannah discovered the truth about Jed's previous relationship, everything changed for her.

"I thought I was with someone sincere and sweet and honest, but that wasn't the case. Jed has muddied the waters of our future together and it's not what I thought I said yes to," Hannah said.

Hannah confronted Jed and asked how he could feel ready to be engaged when he had just been in a relationship. She also questioned his motives and wondered why he talked about having "won" the show instead of celebrating being with her.

"I feel like this experience was taken away from me because I was being told half-truths and lies. You got to see all of me, but I didn't get to see all of you. You were really selfish in this," Hannah said.

Jed begged for forgiveness and asked for grace as he works to become a better person. She took off her engagement ring and told Jed that she wasn't sure this is what she wants.

Hannah appeared on "After The Final Rose" to discuss how shocked and upset she was by Jed's betrayal. She revealed that she broke off the engagement over the phone, and that she and Jed are no longer together.

"I know that what I got was not what I ever wanted for a life partner ... and I have grown so much and I know I deserved more than that," Hannah said.

Jed appeared on "After The Final Rose" (after entering to nearly no applause) and offered an apology to Hannah, their families, and all of Bachelor Nation. He said that he was acting out of fear instead of out of love and respect, and that he had never expected to find love like theirs. But, Hannah couldn't see a future with Jed anymore.

"I'm not trying to punish you, but my feelings have changed. I think when that trust was broken, my feelings really just broke with that. I don't love you like that anymore," Hannah said.

Jed told Hannah that he thinks she deserves the world, and just like that, their relationship was officially over. At least now Hannah has a chance to try out a relationship with everyone's favorite contestant, Tyler.