This Clue That EXO's Kai & BLACKPINK's Jennie Were Dating Months Ago Has Fans Shook

by Jamie LeeLo
Instagram/jennyrubyjane & Instagram/zkdlin

Well, well, well. What do we have here? K-pop fans have been furiously Googling the question: Are EXO's Kai and BLACKPINK's Jennie dating? Like, really, really dating? By the looks of it, the answer is a resounding yes. Yes, they are. While two idols dating in the K-pop universe might be somewhat taboo, most fans are loving this pair. As of Jan. 1, it was officially confirmed by Kai's reps that he and Jennie are an item, which makes 2019 an exciting start of the year for their followers.

Both Kai and Jennie are rockstars in their own right. Kai is a member of the popular group K-pop group EXO and Jennie reps the all-girl group, BLACKPINK.

According to a report by Dispatch, the two might have started seeing each other as far back as October 2018 when they were both in Paris attending fashion week. Jennie was there to check out the Chanel show while Kai attended Gucci's show. And unbeknownst to fans, the pair of K-pop stars may have hinted at their relationship on Instagram months ago without fans even noticing!

Taking a look back at the pair's Instagram accounts, they seem to have rendezvoused together at the Eiffel Tower around Oct. 2, when they both posted a series of photos taken at the famous landmark.

Sure, they weren't featured in each other's pictures, but that can't be a simple coincidence, right? Plus, Jennie captioned her Eiffel Tower photos, "Had the most romantic dinner admiring the eiffel tower 🗼❣️ #happyjen."

The key word I'd like to draw attention to: romantic. Right, like that's not suspicious or anything.

Kai didn't caption his photos at all. Instead, he posted a series of images of himself dancing in front of the structure.

Ummm... so, did Kai and Jennie take these photos of each other? Maaaaaybe...

The paparazzi eventually ended up catching up with the duo traveling together. On Jan. 1, the tabloid Dispatch released photos of Kai and Jennie reportedly taken on Nov. 25. In the pictures, you can see the two idols seem to be enjoying a late date night out in a park. There are pictures of Kai picking Jennie up in his car, too, when, according to the report, he picked her up from her dorm.

Honestly? Pretty romantic.

The same day Dispatch dropped the photos, Kai's agency, SM Entertainment, confirmed the two celebrities are dating by giving the short statement, "Kai and Jennie have become fond of each other."

According to Soompi, Jennie's reps at YG Entertainment said, "We did not know of the dating rumors involving Jennie. We are currently looking into the matter,” and later told another outlet, “SM will be releasing a statement.”

Kai and Jennie's relationship being exposed comes shortly after another K-pop couple, soloist HyunA and E'Dwan (who were part of the hybrid group Triple H) revealed in August 2018 that they had been in a longterm secret relationship for two years. After finding out about their relationship, their former label, Cube Entertainment, dropped them, citing a loss of trust as the reasoning.

Thankfully, it seems Kai and Jennie's labels, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, are handling their relationship news much better. And when it comes to fans, Kai and Jennie are receiving tons of support on Twitter from fans who just want the idols to be happy. There are also some incredible memes floating around out there regarding SM and YG's reactions.

There's no denying it, this relationship is a Big Deal with a capital B and D. Best of luck out there, Kai and Jennie! I'm rooting for you.