Here's Where Drake & Travis Scott's Relationship Stands After Drake's Beef With Kanye

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It’s no secret that Drake and Kanye West are feuding like nobody’s business right now. But where does Travis Scott fit into the mix? Scott, who is basically West’s brother-in-law thanks to his relationship with Kylie Jenner, has worked with Drake in the past. And in recent weeks, West has called Scott out for doing just that. So, that leaves fans to wonder one thing: are Drake and Travis Scott friends? Well, I guess you could say the whole thing is kind of complicated.

First thing’s first, though: it does seem like Drake and Scott are still friendly even in spite of the ongoing feud between Drake and West. In fact, Scott, his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner all attended a New Year’s Eve party that Drake hosted at Delilah in Los Angeles. So, at the very least, there’s still a friendly connection between Drake and Scott.

If you haven’t really been keeping up with the feud between West and Drake, you’re probably asking yourself why the fact that Scott attended Drake’s party is a big deal in the first place. Well, let’s pause for a second and go back to the beginning to fully understand. Back in 2015, Scott revealed that West was basically like a “stepdad” to him in an interview with Billboard.

“He’s like my stepdad,” Scott explained. “We always had that relationship where we cook up ideas. We [talk] all the time about random sh*t: life and how we can do better as people and as rock stars. Our goal is to help people figure out who they want to be.”

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So, West was basically Scott’s mentor when he was first starting, and was likely instrumental in bring him and Kylie Jenner together.

Fast forward to 2018 when Scott released his collaboration with Drake, “Sicko Mode.” According to West, Scott allowed Drake to “sneak diss” him on the track. In a Dec. 14 Twitter rant, West unleashed on both Drake and Scott, potentially putting their professional and personal relationship in jeopardy.

"F**k that sickomode song Family first and always," West tweeted at the time. "I hit Trav earlier today. Now he just hit me. More threats. I have a problem with sneak disssing. All positive energy I got love for everyone. Just don’t sneak diss or diss at all. I paid the dues for all weirdos. I love everybody all positive energy. No one that is a musician should ever diss me. My existence is for the rights of all artist."

Although West never specified which lyrics on “Sicko Mode” he considered a diss, the fact remains that he was thrown off by the whole thing.

“It’s not about rap. It’s about family,” West further explained in a tweet referring to Scott. “We have to be close as a family and never let these people infiltrate just for radio spins.”

But even with all West said on Twitter, Scott was keen to go ahead and ring in the new year with Drake just a few weeks later. So, I guess it’s safe to say that Scott and Drake remain relatively friendly even though West clearly takes issue with their personal and professional relationship.