Ben Higgins Ships Demi Burnett & Nick Viall, Even Though Nick Is Taken

by Candice Jalili
Greg Doherty/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't freak out, but Ben Higgins has some Bachelor Nation fans shipping Demi Burnett and Nick Viall. On June 20, Viall posted a picture of himself and longtime pal Burnett posing side-by-side on a Los Angeles sidewalk alongside the caption, "Better than Zoom." The post was flooded by fans begging them to date and Higgins even chimed in to write, "Ship it."

Obviously this doesn't necessarily mean that the two are dating. It just means that people, including their fellow Bachelor Nation pals, would very much like them to be.

Having said that, Viall did recently admit that he's currently seeing someone during a June episode of his podcast The Viall Files. “I recently had a conversation with someone that I’m dating and the question was, ‘What if we’re not compatible about this thing?’ I was like, ‘We’re not compatible about that thing but I don’t know what that means about everything else,'" he shared.

Additionally, Us Weekly reported Burnett had split from her boyfriend Slater Davis on June 20. So... Viall, who's apparently "dating" someone, posted a picture of himself out and about with Burnett the same day as her reported breakup from Davis was announced? Hm, interesting.

To be fair, Burnett and Viall really are good friends. Just a month ago back in May the two candidly discussed dating in quarantine during an episode of Burnett's podcast Big Demi Energy. "I'm chatting it up. [Doing] FaceTimes, Zooms. I will say single people out there are as eager as ever," Viall told Burnett, adding that "everyone's horny."

Despite the horniness, Viall admitted that dating while socially distanced "takes the pressure of sex off the table" and makes room for deeper potential relationships. "I think it's a great time if you're single to actually make new connections and get to know people — granted not ideal to not have the option to meet them in person and do some of those other things."

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If he, in fact, does not have anything romantic going on with Burnett I'm sure Viall will shut the rumors down shortly. Just four days ago, on June 18, Viall responded to rumors that he was back together with ex Andi Dorfman. "Sorry for the buzz kill.. not dating," he commented on an Us Weekly post speculating they might be rekindling things after they were spotted on a run together. "Additionally, the only benefits that come from this friendship is conversation and running tips. Enjoy the day."

And on that note, I'll be refreshing @CommentsByBachelor regularly until I find out what Viall has to say about these rumors he's dating Burnett.