Um, Bella Hadid Seemingly Got Quarantine Bangs, So You Know It's Getting Real

Peter White/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bella Hadid has been entertaining fans a lot during her self-quarantine. Whether having impromptu photoshoots using self-timers, posting childhood photos, or giving out astrological advice, the model has been doing it all. And she’s just gone even further. Hadid debuted new fringe bangs on her Instagram Story on Monday, April 21, and it actually looks pretty cute.

Shown off in a series of photos of her Stories, her new bangs are like a starter-fringe that sweep about half her forehead, rather than falling straight across the whole thing — probably a wise move seeing how hard it can be to cut your own bangs. The length and style remind me of Debbie Harry in the ‘80s mixed with girls in freshman year of high school who gave themselves bangs. Paired with an orange crop top and golden-hour lighting, Hadid’s bangs look practically professionally done. The influencer even asked fans via a poll on her story whether they’d let her cut their bangs and, according to, about 80% said yes. Though no fans have gotten to experience Hadid in her new hairdresser role, her quarantine buddy Leah McCarthy apparently did, because she let Hadid give her a full haircut. According to McCarthy’s Instagram Story of the event, Hadid's salon is pretty good because “the prices are fair and the snacks are good.”

Tons of celebrities and even people you know have been taking their boredom out on their hair. Cody Simpson let Miley Cyrus give him a buzz cut, Dua Lipa dyed her hair pink, and Hilary Duff went blue, to name a few, but this appears to be the first reported case of celebrity DIY bangs. It’s hard to believe that, with Hadid’s apparent daily routine of baking and horseback riding, she felt bored enough to become a hairstylist, but I’m kind of glad she was.

DIY haircuts have a long history of coming from a place of wanting change. Whether going through a breakup, getting a new job, or experiencing a general desire to revamp your look, there are plenty of reasons to want to do something drastic to your hair — and being in self-quarantine, hardly leaving the house, and having finished all of Tiger King are a combined pretty good reason to want to do something dramatic. But, before you grab the next pair of scissors you see, maybe reach out to your hairdresser before for some advice. As Jonathan Van Ness told Jimmy Fallon: “What you don’t want to do is mess up your hair so bad that you’re still growing that thing out after the quarantine.”

But, if you’re feeling inspired, hopefully Instagram’s newest hairstylist Hadid will be posting some tips on how to get her ‘do. Maybe next weekend will leave her to try out an even more radical cut with a tutorial. In the meantime, maybe you just stick to temporary dyes.