This Update On Ariana & Matt Bennett's Relationship In 2020 Will Make You Smile

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It's been a decade since Nickelodeon's Victorious brought Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett together on Victorious as Cat and Robbie, the best friends with possible crushes on each other. The show ended in February 2013 and Grande went on to become one of the most popular entertainers in the world. With her schedule being filled with tour dates, appearances, rehearsals, meet-and-greets, and the list goes on, it's natural to ponder whether Grande has been able to keep in touch with her classmates from Victorious' Hollywood Arts High School. So, are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennet are still friends? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the answer to that question.

Grande and Bennett spent a lot of time on the set of Victorious and, as a result, formed a tight bond. Even though Grande went on to develop her singing career and Bennet went on to act and DJ, they've found the time to hang out and collaborate with each other over the past seven years regularly, which is pretty exceptional when it comes to celeb friendships.

In February 2015, Bennett appeared in Grande's “One Last Time" music video. The former co-stars gave Victorious fans all the feels as they cozied up to each other at the end of the video. See Bennett's cameo at the 3:51 mark.

Grande must enjoy working with Bennett — especially for her music videos — as they collaborated again in November 2018 when Bennett made another cameo in Grande's nostalgia-filled "Thank U, Next" video. His appearance paid homage to the 2000 cheerleading classic Bring It On. He played Cliff Pantone while brushing his teeth.

Ariana Grande/YouTube

When the two aren't appearing in music videos together, Bennett and Grande can be found humoring each other on social media. In December 2018, Grande and Bennett shared a hilarious Twitter exchange about his special cameo in the "Thank U, Next" video.

"100 million ppl saw us brush our teeth this week @mattbennett," wrote Grande, to which Bennett replied, "Did we just cure gum disease?"

Then, on Nov. 19, 2019, Grande and gave Victorious fans the IRL meetup they'd been craving. Grande arranged an epic on-stage Victorious reunion at the Atlanta, Georgia, stop on her Sweetener tour. Bennett performed "I Think You're Swell," the ballad his character performed for Grande's character, Cat, on Victorious. Grande enjoyed every minute of it. She asked the crowd to sing along, and, at one point, Grande couldn't contain her excitement, exclaiming "That was f*cking tight" in the middle of the jam.

Bennett shared the sweet video on his Instagram.

And Grande shared this adorable photo, which looks just like the scene from Victorious, by the way!

Grande's concert:


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The proof is in the pudding, y'all. Grande and Bennett still keep in contact over social media and do super special collaborations together for all of their devoted Victorious fans every once in a while. It's beautiful to see how solid their friendship is, and how much Grande and Bennett enjoy paying tribute to the show that brought them together in the first place.