Here's Where Ariana & Leon Thomas' Relationship Stands 7 Years After 'Victorious'

Ariana Grande and Leon Thomas grew up together on the set of Victorious. While the show ultimately ended in 2013 after four seasons, the two still remain active in each other's lives in 2020. After all these years, Ariana Grande and Leon Thomas are still friends, and continue to support each other through and through.

First thing first — since it's 2020, and social media means basically everything to everyone — Grande and Thomas follow each other on Instagram, and often like and comment on each other's posts.

When Victorious ended in 2013, Thomas and Grande continued to collaborate professionally. He actually co-wrote and co-produced the following Grande songs from her 2013 debut album Yours Truly: “Baby I," "Honeymoon Avenue," "Tattooed Heart," "Lovin’ It," and "You’ll Never Know."

Thomas opened up to The Source in February 2014 about how their time in the music studio together came about naturally.

"Honestly I always find it awkward when you have friends who are doing things and you don’t want to be too pushy with stuff and, for me, I always let her do her own thing and we would always hang out and just be friends," Thomas explained. "She came by the studio because I was throwing a little party, a little get together and she happened to play her single which wasn’t out yet which is 'The Way' and she hadn’t had Mac Miller on it yet and she was just talking about how much she believed in that song, and we had a record called 'Baby I' that Kenny 'Baby Face' and Tony Dixon produced that we thought would really match up with that sound, and we sent it to her label, her label freaked out over it she came by to cut that and the next thing I knew we had cut four songs and I had a number one record in 30 countries, it was crazy."

You can see from this clip Thomas posted Oct. 16, 2019, just how awesome their musical chemistry is. (Fun fact: Grande often guest-stars in videos posted on Thomas' Instagram to this day, which is pretty cool.)

During an iHeartRadio interview in June 2018, Thomas revealed that Grande introduced him to Pharrell, one of his idols, at her birthday party at Nobu, proving she's a pro at bringing people together. Hear him talk about the life-changing moment at the 2:10 mark below.

Thomas was also on hand to celebrate Halloween 2019 with Grande at her haunted house-themed party.

"Had a great time at @arianagrande’s Halloween party !!!" Thomas captioned a photobooth pic with Grande on Instagram. "It was great running into my boy @mattbennett as well. You know we had to take a picture for old times sake. If you were wondering who I was for Halloween swipe to the right."

So, there you have it, whether working together, or celebrating a special occasion, Thomas and Grande remain #BFFgoals.