Ariana Grande & Dua Lipa May Drop A Song Together, According To Fans

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Stans are some of the best detectives on the internet, and the Feb. 1 announcement of the deluxe edition of Positions caused some Arianators to try out their investigative skills. Several anxious fans are asking the question, "Are Ariana Grande & Dua Lipa collaborating on a song together?" after Ariana posted a tracklist with some titles blurred out on social media. Some are convinced the new batch of songs includes a Dua Lipa collaboration, and while nothing's been confirmed just yet, the hype is already palpable.

Ari released Positions in October 2020, but in true pop star fashion, she prepared another big surprise for 2021. The singer just announced the deluxe edition of her 2020 record, and while not much is known about the official release date, fans think it's coming very soon. She captioned her tweet announcing the deluxe version "Happy February," causing pandemonium online with the prospect of a release at some point this month.

While Ariana scribbled out the names of the additional four tracks on the updated edition's announcement, one of the songs has a suspiciously long title that convinced fans she has a secret featured artist on one of the new tracks.

"Hit Different" singer, SZA, ruined fans' hopes she was the featured collaborator when she shut down the speculation. "Lol I wish but nah," she commented on a fan's Instagram post about the secret track. SZA was one of the top suspected culprits for the identity of the Positions deluxe edition collaborator, but now fans are pivoting their guess to another pop artist: Dua Lipa.

"I swear I read Lipa," one fan replied to Ariana's announcement. The fan wrote "Lipa" over top of the scribbled-out text to demonstrate their point, and honestly, it's pretty convincing. The fan's guess gained traction among Arianators, and currently has over 1,800 likes on Twitter.

There's an endless stream of possible all-star artists who could be behind the secret track, but Dua Lipa is definitely a great candidate. The "Don't Start Now" singer teased a deluxe edition of her own 2020 album Future Nostalgia, and many of her own fans are convinced it's coming soon, too. Why wouldn't two of pop music's heaviest hitters team up for a deluxe edition showdown bound to shatter the charts?

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Of course, nothing has been confirmed by either artists' camps just yet, so fans will have to wait to hear the final product of all their speculation when it officially drops. Until then, it's a full-blown game of Guess Who? for the internet age.