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These Zodiac Signs Will Shine So Bright During The Week Of April 6


I don't know about you, but I could certainly use a little bit of cheer during these strange and difficult times. What better place to check for that than your horoscope? If you're waiting here with bated breath to find out if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of April 6, 2020, then I won't keep you waiting any longer. If your sun sign or ascendant happens to fall under Aries, Gemini, or Libra, then the cosmos are most definitely bestowing their mystical gifts upon you.

Prepare to feel a little bit more confident, energized, and forthcoming this week, because Mercury — planet of communication and intellect — enters passionate, uncontainable, and direct Aries. This will cause a surge of motivation to course through the universe, amping you up and getting you ready to go. Mercury has been lazing in dreamy and emotional Pisces, potentially encouraging you to linger in your own little world. However, as Mercury makes its shift into Aries, it will certainly shake things up and leave you feeling hungry for more.

Mercury in Aries isn't the only thing turning up the volume this week, as the full moon in Libra will punch through the sky on April 7 at 10:34 p.m. ET, heightening your subconscious power. Considering how intense and off-kilter everything has been lately, this full moon in Libra is especially needed. Libra is all about bringing balance to the universe and finding harmony amidst the chaos. This full moon in Libra will highlight the extremes in your life, helping you find a much easier and more effective middle ground. Let it teach you how to remain resilient in the face of a challenge.


Aries: You're Feeling Energized And On Top Of Your Game

You're feeling powerful and confident in your skin at the moment, so use this time to really get to the bottom of who you are. It's your astrological season, which means that the cosmic energy is just to your liking. This is not the time to give in to other people's expectations of you, especially if they conflict with the ones you've set for yourself. This week is full of reminders that changing yourself to suit the needs of others is never the answer; it will only leave you feeling depleted. Expressing your needs and desires truthfully? That will only bring you close to accomplishing them.

Gemini: You're Experiencing A Burst Of Artistic Inspiration

Quit worrying so much and definitely quit judging yourself while you're at it. How can you possibly create anything worthwhile if you're always stomping it out with too much criticism before you've even given your creations a chance to take life? Get out of your own way and let your creativity course through your veins the way it was always meant to. This week is about getting to know your inner child again and remembering how to actually have some fun. The best things you'll ever do in this life are things you do while you're having fun. Remember to let your own joy flow through.

Libra: You're Getting In Touch With Your True, Intrinsic Self

There are so many layers to who you are and you may just be discovering them. You might have thought you were one thing, and as it turns out, you were not that at all. Admitting that you've changed is never an easy process. In fact, it's a process full of fear and resistance. However, it's also incredibly exciting and even satisfying. Allow yourself the satisfaction of actually seeing yourself in a true light this week. You are constantly evolving. Getting to know yourself is a process that never ends.